All This Knitting Has Me Obsessed About My Derriere

Ahoy everybody!!! 🙋

I have gone AWOL for a while, this is a fact. I had no idea my June goals would be so consuming!

Well, classes also just ended so there were mom/parents’ events to attend to and now my daughter is at home with me, watching Minecraft videos from sun up to sun down.

Kids! 👯 👯 👯

Anyhoot, I’m here to talk about my derriere … err no, my knitting. Let’s talk about my knitting! 😄

As enthusiastically declared in this blog post I set myself the task of knitting my first sweater this month. I did not want to start my knitting-for-beginners stage with dishcloths, scarves nor beanies. Nope! I came here for the sweaters, people! And since all progress depends on the crazy person (or woman, in this case), a sweater I will knit.

I am still flummoxed over the fact that -aside from the sizes and lengths – you also have different needle types. In addition to straight ones (which I thought were the only knitting needles in existence), you also have DPN’s and circular ones, the latter also comes with different cord lengths. It’s a bit like calculus! 😱 😱



But once I started knitting, I was addicted ❤️‍💋‍ ❤️‍

And this is where my derriere comes in. I’ve never had my derriere scream bloody murder before, ever! 😲 😲 😲 But with knitting … I say I’ll take a break after this one row but it turns into 5 rows (or more!) and by then my glutes are staging a rally!

So here are the sweater pieces laid out prior to seaming (it will be a very pink sweater, I know 😄) :

sweater pieces

I am making this drop shoulder sweater which has so far been quite easy and thus, very confidence boosting 🙂 🙂 My tension is still very tight but improving.

Aside from the stitches, I’ve learned to do long-tail cast-on which is my preference, binding off using a crochet hook (which is again, my preference), knitting increase, three needle bind-off, and am about to learn the mattress stitch for sewing the pieces together 😀

I love it! ❤ ❤ ❤

Already I am lining up so many sweater and cardigan projects to do immediately after this in mad-crazy succession 😄 😄 Starting with this beautiful cardigan for my daughter:

Beulah cardigan

I know, I know … I don’t even know how to measure yet! But, I learn best by doing and right now, I just want to ride my enthusiasm to the hilt! 💃💃💃

Meanwhile, I do this to appease my derriere:


Hugs and lunges! 💕 💕 💕

20 thoughts on “All This Knitting Has Me Obsessed About My Derriere”

  1. Yey you are making a sweater, congrats 🙂 I am making a sweater and pinky color too but with top to down method using loop needle. I knitted back and front sides at once and after a while i only have one row only haha. It was also suprising me that no wrong side in loop knitting 😀 Well done (y)

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    1. LOL XD XD Then you should start exercising your behind too! ❤ I read that top down method is best for fitting the garment as you go along – it's safer for when you're not sure of the fit or measurements. That's a smart move! 😀

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  2. Completely love this post!!! You are inspiring me with the fact that you are learning to knit, and that orange sweater for your daughter is gorgeous. Ending with the exercise for your derriere is priceless. Thank you, needed the smiles / upliftment today. 🙂

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  3. Ive never learned how to knit i have crocheted before but can not keep my stitches all the right size. you do an absolutely beautiful job knitting though oh my goodness! ❤

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    1. Thank you so much 🙂 ❤ There's still so much to learn though and I'm afraid my enthusiasm (and impatience) is getting the best of me! XD XD I want to knit more complicated sweaters like, right now! XD

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      1. i totally get that! ive just started doing the mosaic stepping stones but i want to move on to making stained glass sun catchers and ive never used solder or cut glass but i want to know how to do it right now! haha! ❤

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      2. I say we go for it! Experience is the best (and usually most fun) way to learn 😀 ❤ Best of luck to us both then 🙂

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      3. yes! here is to us!! anything i attempt i will be sure to put my whole heart into it that is for sure! as im soo sure you will to! xoo

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  4. I commend you on your sweater-ness. That, alas is the entire reason why I wanted to learn to knit.. or crochet.. or SOMETHING. And yet, its the only thing that seems to make my creative side go BWAAALALALAL!

    But just maaaaybe I will use this blog post to inspire me to start again. maaaaaybe 😉

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    1. Hahahahaha! XD XD I know, right?! When I was learning to crochet I wanted to conquer wearables so much – tops especially. But I always found shaping to be a challenge. I think shaping is easier with knitting but don’t take my word for it just yet 😉 If you do give it a try, I suggest you start with something uncomplicated. And pick a happy color. I am SO sure happy colors help A LOT with perseverance XD XD

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