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So What Happened to Those Goals?

I don’t know if you even remember but I had 3 goals for June which I shared with you in this blogpost.

Did I slay them?

Weeeeell ….


1.  Complete Introductory & Phase 1 Beginner of my Indonesian language lessons.

I made progress. (Promise, I did! 😇) I finished all Introductory lessons and a good chunk of Phase 1 Beginner lessons. My vocabulary has increased, and my grasp of sentence construction has improved.


Midway through, my brain just left the building (or my skull for that matter!) 😯 It just went “oh-kay, that’s enough!” and NO amount of prodding could revive the interest. So no, I did not hit this goal 😐😐

2.  Knit my first sweater.

I also started real strong on this one. Take a look:

beginner knit sweater

And then I just went AWOL on her! Because I discovered something profound: I DON’T LIKE TO SEAM 😕 😕 😕

Good heavens! 😱

I LOVE knitting. As a matter of fact, I’m almost done knitting the back portion of another sweater.

But I just don’t enjoy seaming! 😣 😖 😫

3.  Learn to make meatballs.

We still have not found the kind of meat quality we really like. And when my daughter gave the thumbs up after my second try, I left it at that and stopped production 😔

Adventurous cooking is difficult when ingredients are hard to find and … I might have allowed myself to get a bit discouraged there. (sniffle, sniffle)

making meatballs

Heart to heart conclusion:

I’ve procrastinated for 13 days on this post because I didn’t earn my gold stars. (Did I ever tell you I’m a type A?😵😵) And I’m gonna be honest with you – I did not enjoy June that much. When I look back it just feels like too much work and not enough fun. On some days it even felt like I was being chased by a mad dog! 😱 😱 (I’m exaggerating here for dramatic effect).

I’ve always enjoyed setting goals though and this time, I guess there were just some un-anticipated obstacles. But I did make progress and, for lack of anything else to say, don’t worry about the sweater. I got A PLAN! 😀 😀

July is looking much better though 💖 💖 (Yay!) Pilates, books, knitting and … NO pressure (body roll!! 😂 🤣)

25 thoughts on “So What Happened to Those Goals?”

  1. Haha.. That’s fine Paardje. I still wanna look forward that PLAN about the sweater.

    And oh, the meatballs!!! 😀 You mentioned your daughter gave you a thumbs up, so that couldn’t be very bad at all. ahahah

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    1. Thanks for the moral support Emz 😁💜💜 I have to remind myself what matters is progress not perfection so it’s all good 😊

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  2. seaming isn’t for everyone. Luckily, there are ways to knit sweaters that require little to none, depending on the pattern 😉 So don’t give up hope! FOr now, buckle down and finish your first sweater, you’ll be glad you did 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Karin. I appreciate the encouragement 🙂 ❤ ❤

      I can and I will! (Cue Katy Perry's "Roar") LOL! XD XD


    1. Aww, thank you ❤ I AM hard on myself, that's why I still bite my nails!! (Ooopsies, TMI!) LOL!

      As for finding someone who likes to sew: how I wish!!! But that option is not available to me 😦 😦 It's okay though, I'm seeing this as a chance to earn a reward. (Gotta make it fun!)

      Paardje hugs ❤ 🙂

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      1. When I started Knitting my mom sewed everything up for me and finished and all that 😉 and now a few years later when I started knitting again I had to learn to do it all (I still don’t like the finishing part but I’m hopeful I’ll get there eventually 😉
        And yes in everything … make it fun 🙂

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  3. Aaw I’m sorry that you didn’t finish your goals but at least you tried. I would never be able to make a sweater like that, not even half of it 🙂 There is always next month, good luck!!!


  4. I remember those goals! You should have stayed quiet and I’d have thought you nailed them! Ha, ha! Just kidding, Paardje, great follow-up.

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    1. LOL! Oh I was tempted alright! XD XD But nah, y’all are too smart and I love y’all too much for that ❤ 😉 My incentive is always the comments that come afterwards. I learn so much/get a lot of inspiration (and good cheer) from them ❤ ❤

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  5. I can relate… being a Type b minus personality…

    Just a suggestion about the sweater… I don’t like doing those boring, finishing touches on crochet/knitting projects either… so I have my favorite music playing while I do it. And, I have a glass of wine standing by, too. Also gets me through housework… LOL!


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    1. LOL! Thanks for the suggestions 🙂 There will be much ado about putting myself ‘in the mood’ for the seaming. Some (maybe a lot of?) distraction/incentive necessary XD XD

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    1. Yeah it’s tough to establish (or return to) a new habit. You’d think pinning down the ideal time would be easy but it’s not that simple 😀 Best of luck though. If you want it hard enough, you can make it happen ❤ ❤

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