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Goodbye Haunted House

receiving areaWe’re moving to another house.

(I couldn’t take the barrage of bat sh*t any longer! 😱😱)

Warning ~ post contains foul language. Do not visualize (if you can help it)!

This house is huge, obviously built with parties and large family gatherings in mind. Unfortunately the owners haven’t shown interest in its upkeep since the family patriarch died a few years ago. So it continues to fall apart a little day by day.

Such a pity really because it is a beautiful house and I find its flaws rather charming. I would’ve been happy to stay because it afforded me so much space and quiet ❤

But since May obnoxious things have been happening 😮 😮

downstairs living area

First the housekeepers come to me and say “ada hantu” (there’s a/are ghosts) in the house. Well, I’ve never seen/heard/felt one! (Not that I want to). But we were worried that the housekeepers might stop coming because of this since Indonesians are generally still very superstitious.

And then there are the rats and their liberal ‘droppings’ all over the place. It wasn’t like that always, something must’ve happened in May because that’s when they all decided to abandon all decency and just sh%! all over the place! Literally. Like for instance, right there in front of the door to remind you to “have a nice day” 😫😫

And then the body count started to climb.  I couldn’t keep up. It became all too frequent for my daughter to cry out exasperatedly “ugh! why must there always be a dead cockroach in/on/at ….”.

upstairs living area

And those pesky bats! Good Lord – I’d be out on the verandah after dinner contemplating the heavens when “whoosh!” Batman and Robin would fly so near to me that I can feel the air from their wings on my cheeks and I can literally smell them. 😰 Such brazenness!

And every morning a generous offering of droppings right there on my favorite reflection place. Do they like me so much or what?! 😰

Sometimes they’d come in and my husband would be so frustrated chasing them out that he’d lock us all in the bedroom while Robin would lie (or hang) in wait somewhere inside the house to (this is my guess) scare the living daylights out of the poor, unsuspecting housekeepers the following day 😱😱

Such creepy fun to be had in this “haunted house”.

But alas the party must stop at some point.

So this weekend we are moving.

favorite place

I’ll see you on the other side then! 😀 Have a great weekend y’all! ❤

41 thoughts on “Goodbye Haunted House”

    1. Beats me, and now I couldn’t care less 😀 The housekeepers are happy and relieved XD So is my husband who had started to greet me upon coming home from the office with “it smells like rat pee in here” o_O o_O

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      1. No pests so far! XD It has ‘things that make me go hmmmm …’ but we like it and I’m getting good vibes from the neighborhood 🙂

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    1. Indeed it isn’t but we’re also excited because we’re sick n tired of all the shit (literally). LOL! XD Trying not to be sentimental about it too. I always find it sad to leave a house that’s once been a home. Thanks a lot for the well wishes ❤ 🙂

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  1. I don’t blame you for leaving. I would be freaking out at every bat sighting. We have had bats at our houses in the past and it’s not fun running for the bedroom just to know that it can get under if it wanted. And to go into the storage room to find one on the wall! For that reason, the light has been on inside the storage room for 21 years, LOL. I do believe that they all left when we had the roof replaced some years ago, but when I go outside at dusk, I can see them flying around and hope that they don’t find a hole in my house. Good luck and best wishes on the move and in your new home. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

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    1. I did find them interesting at first (in my ignorance that they can actually bite and give your rabies!) and they must’ve picked up on this because after a while they just started ignoring me and flying really close like it was their happy place and not mine 😦 And they’re not that scared of lights! I even have the ceiling fans on but nope, they’re kamikaze bats on a mission o_O

      Thanks a lot for the well wishes Ginny 😀 ❤

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  2. My condolences. Moving can be so stressful but good for ones character. Just the pressure of a weighty existence, just a response to an irritant, such as a grain of sand or other objects. . . (family and moving day) can produce the most beautiful pearls! My best to you and your dear family. However conversely, may the fleas of a thousand camels nest in those bat’s armpits that caused your grief 🙂

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  3. Great idea to shift, I couldn’t live with all of that either, not good for your health.
    Take care and look after yourself, sound like you have been having a hard time.
    Nice thought’s for the weekend.

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    1. I know. Would you believe that I found the bats interesting at first? But then I read that they can also bite you and give you rabies so that wasn’t fun anymore.

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  4. Hello,
    I wanted to inform you, ask your permission really, if I can add you to my blogroll? If this isn’t satisfactory , simply let me know. And lastly, an observation if I may? You have very pretty feet.

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  5. Hahaa, reminds me of the first house we lived in when we moved to Malaysia from Finland. The house was next to the jungle and another additional nuisance were the monkeys living there – they would make quite a racket and even look in the windows and make faces! One morning there was a dead snake on our doorstep…

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    1. OMG, a dead snake o_O I’d never survive that! But about the monkeys, I can relate XD There used to be one who was brazen enough to come in our second floor living area and try to steal a bottle of multi-vitamins (which we placed on top of the fridge). I caught him in time but he’d just run a safe distance from me and make faces until I finally had to close the doors XD

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    1. Yes I did. Apparently they would ‘hear’ things and ‘feel’ things. Which is really odd for me because the housekeepers would come during daytime and only for a couple of hours, the rest of the time it would just be me and I never sensed anything out of place. The story goes a young lady died in that house, some kind of accident in the bathroom. Well then in that case, ignorance was bliss for me! 😀

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      1. …gee!!! 8-o !!! What a true bliss then, really!!! They all knew the story and never cared to tell you though?! Wow! 😀 Poor lady… I think our imagination about ghosts = nighttime is just a movie thing though, you hear stories of people that can sense them all around the clock. Your daughter never sensed anything? Or the monkey 😀 ?

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      2. Nope, we never felt the slightest weirdness – except for the rats, bats & roaches 😁 Another friend, also Indonesian, also ‘sensed’ something. I think they were just wary it was an old, huge house.

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