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Share Your World 2016 #37


Hey guys! How are ya? ❤ 😀 Things are settling pretty well in the new house and you and I should chat about this sometime soon, yes?  I’ve found my mouse – yay! XD But we’re switching internet providers since the current one’s not very reliable so, this week will just be another lone blog post by way of Cee’s Share Your World weekly challenge.

With your answers, please remember we are in the SYW world which may not always match our reality.

Have you ever owned a rock, pet rock, or gem that is not jewelry?

Hmmm …. I don’t think so. I had a rock that was engraved with the word “strength” before but I was using it as a key chain.

By the way, the notion of having a rock as a pet strikes me as a bit odd. I know some people collect rocks but I can’t see how something inanimate could be considered a ‘pet’. I need to study up on this 🙂

What is your greatest strength or weakness?

Oh dear, I’m drawing a blank on this one … hmmmmkay: I’m a type A+ perfectionist so I do not know my strengths (may have to ask the husband later 😏) because I tend to focus on my weakness instead. (And the perfectionist me says I have many!) o_O o_O

Also it’s been a while since I applied for a job so I no longer have a canned answer for this one XD XD

Seriously though, here’s one I want to change – I really want to stop reacting to an emergency (or anything unexpected for that matter) with panic. I hate it! 😧 Granted, I don’t run around screaming and waving my hands in the air but my mouth might betray me if I’m not careful 😥

The thing is, panicking is not helpful. If any, it curtails rational and creative thinking and makes the problem look worse than it actually is. So I would like to be able to stay calm and NOT think that the world is ending 🙏🏻 🙏🏻

Any tips?

What makes you feel grounded? 

I’ve been feeling a lot more grounded ever since my family has been together. I’ve settled comfortably into the role of SAHM (I honestly love it!) and, at this point, am able to receive and enjoy the support of my husband without feeling insecure about my worth as a human being. (You know, I used to be an independent, self-supporting, head-strong, career ladder climbing “Super Woman” in my previous life 😛).

My Bible study and devotionals, a relatively recent addition to my definition of a perfect day, also helps me greatly in this area.

Would you rather never be able to eat warm food or never be able to eat cold food?

Easy! I’d give up cold food in an instant. My stomach just cannot get satisfaction from a cold meal 🍜 🍲 🍳

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week ~

Our new study room with it’s beautiful balcony 💃💃💃(See picture above)

~ and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

Being able to make my own chicken nuggets. (It’s a feat you know, from someone who never even liked venturing into the kitchen 😏 I’ve certainly come a LOOONG way, dahling!)

Now what are YOUR answers?! I’d love to read them in the comment section below 👇🏽

Have a wonderful, blessed weekend everyone!

~ oOo ~

~ oOo ~

21 thoughts on “Share Your World 2016 #37”

  1. Oh my, my mother always panicked over everything. The most common source of panic would be when she did grabbed the keys she. She first plummeted her fist into the bottom off her purse. This was followed by severe shaming and loud expletives in the church parking lot. Her sister did it too, it’s something my cousins and I decided very young they must have picked out from their mother. This is probably a strong source of our carefree nonchalance we offer to most situations. Unless it’s life or death, what is the point of panic.

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    1. LOL! What is the point of panic indeed? My reaction is not physical though but mental. I might be sitting there staring into space but the monkeys in my brain are having an insatiable riot! 😵 And then I obsess and get morose about it. I’d like to develop nerves of steel …

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  2. I got a pet rock in 4th grade, his name is Hermie. I took him to school with me and he sat on my desk. They are sorta like an imaginary friend that everyone can see. I still have him but now he whiles away the days, months and years in my jewelry box. 🙂

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  3. So many blessings to you on your new home!! Sounds like things are going pretty well for you, yay 🙂
    When i’m feeling panicked, two things that help me are:
    1) take 3 deep breaths
    2) meditation
    3) getting out and moving

    OK that’s 3 things 🙂 Anyway, thanks for this post and for reaching out. Many blessings.

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  4. Keep up with your Bible study and as you apply principles in your life you will cope more easily.
    Also remember to pray, especially in emergencies.
    This is not only what I say but I do. I am an on going Bible student.
    Many blessings on your efforts. 😇

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  5. I do have a few stones that I purchased from a crystal shop that were supposed to help me sleep. I also have a couple of round stones that look like balls and a stone with a groove in it so that you can keep it in your pocket and rub the dent. Supposed to be calming, I guess. My weakness…I tend to panic alot, too. I panic in crowds, I panic in the car, and I am also not good in chaotic situations. I am most grounded with my husband. I hate when he has to go out of town for business. He definitely is my rock. I would much rather give up cold food. There are too many hot meals I love and they just would not be good cold. From last week, I am grateful that my husband is home safely and that my Father-in-law’s health is stable for now. And for this week, I am looking forward to getting a lot of crafting done. That is my wish anyway 😉

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    1. Oh, I wish your father-in-law strength and healing, Ginny. And I do hope you get to crafting this week 🙂 I myself have made good progress on Adam-the-sweater and have been missing crochet so much – but do not want to be distracted XD XD Thanks for sharing your answers!

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  6. I want that window/door you showed! Beautiful. I am grateful for being with my son last week. I am looking forward to getting off my duff and writing. Nature and silence help me feel grounded.

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  7. I never know my strengths either! And can’t figure out why because I always know my weaknesses. Your explanation makes perfect sense, I definitely focus on the negative. I don’t think I can give up cold food though! Would rather give up warm. That’s easy to say since it’s still 80-90 degrees here in NC though😃!

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    1. LOL! XD He did not … come to think of it last I saw him he was caged, although he was properly fed. I think it was because he would take things from the houses he sneaked into.

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      1. I don’t know, I assumed he was wild but he could also have been trained to spot objects of interest. I think he was captured because he’d steal things. Maybe the other houses were complaining and the security guards finally had to step in 😕

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