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New House New Strategy

front-doorNothing like a new environment to upset the old and bring in the new! 😃 I’m talking about my diet-n-fitness regime here which went through some sort of upheaval last week when I decided to do intermittent fasting, quitting ALL sugar and carbs cold turkey and … hoping that the seas would part for me as it did for Moses 😵😁

Oh and, I also tried butter in my [black] coffee 😬😬😬

Now I’ve NEVER even tried black coffee before. My coffee has always had cream and enough sugar to take most of the bitterness out. But nope, I had to be the madwoman that I (sometimes) am and do everything at the same time! Including buttered coffee o_O

So OF COURSE I had almost zero energy and couldn’t even make it halfway through a Fitness Marshall dance video without feeling totally deflated 😩

(I think the absence of my bats, rats and roaches has gone to my coconut! 🙃)

Fortunately I’ve since gathered my marbles 😁 and decided to just focus on ONE thing this week and up until that ONE thing becomes second nature. I’ve decided to focus on intermittent fasting (IF), which for me is until 11AM (the equiv of a 16h fast).

Since this week is already my second week of IF, the struggle is a bit less and black coffee (sans the butter, thank you!) is optional. I just make sure to drink plenty of water and keep myself mentally engaged.

I’m still doing my workouts but I’ve scaled down the intensity and make sure to just do about 30 mins per day.

Why am I doing this, you ask? Good question! 😁

As the title of this blog implies I’m also a vain creature. My vanity is mostly expressed through weight management, looking good in my birthday suit and enhancing the natural. (Nurturing great skin as opposed to wearing lots of make-up, for example).

IF falls into the weight management category obviously. Not that I need to lose weight – although there’s always those pesky last 5 pounds 😒😒 Just that anything that I think will simplify weight management for me is worth the exploration.

And there you have it, my little adventure of the week (or maybe month).

Have any of you guys tried IF (intermittent fasting)? What is/has been your experience of it?

20 thoughts on “New House New Strategy”

  1. I’m so proud of you for taking one step at a time. It’s true isn’t it, that moving into a new place can help us do things in a different way. I hope it is nurturing and uplifting for you!!! 🙂
    Big smiles and many blessings,
    ps – I heard that butter in your coffee is magnificent.

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    1. Thanks a lot for the kind words, Debbie 😀 ❤ Yeah, they say buttered coffee is all that but in my case it was still a far cry from my usual cuppa. I'm leaning towards no coffee at all since I'm having a hard time coming to terms with the bitterness of black :\


    1. I know what you mean 😀 I’m not expecting a lot from it since I’m only skipping breakfast and not really changing what I eat. That’s (maybe) the next step 😀 I took my weight this morning anyways 😉


  2. Never tried it but have cut down considerably on junk and sugary food. I love tea way too much and can’t think of drinking it without milk and sugar … so have just cut it down to 2 cups a day instead of more cups minus sugar! All the best with your new house 🙂 …

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    1. Indeed it was! But that is just me being me XD XD One of the things that made me take a step back was these dance fitness videos. Because my energy was low I couldn’t do them at the same level of gusto anymore o_O And that just made me sad. Yes I want to lose those pesky 5 pounds but I don’t want to exchange happiness for them 😉 😀 Glad you stopped by, Ginny ❤

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  3. My daughter follows the low carb high fat diet. She also puts butter in her coffee but most mornings she will put coconut oil and an egg in her first cup. She puts an egg and the oil in her cup blends it with a hand mixer and then adds coffee and blends it some more. She gets her fat and protein that way and keeps up her energy.

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    1. Oh my, egg as well?! I tried putting coconut oil with the butter too but after 2 days it was just too many changes all at once! I needed to pace myself XD I’m very interested in the low carb- hi fat diet too, doing some reading into it.


  4. Hey, I’m right with you as far as my routine being disrupted. We are having our floors refinished, a 3-day process, plus my broken foot recovery… etc. I have not tried intermittent fasting, but I do try to watch my calories every day, and exercise every day, but the past few days have been crazy. You gotta do what works for you. I disagree with Michaela that weight management is easier than weight loss. One little “cheat”, and those 5 lbs. Are back! Phooey! Anyway, good luck with your new routine.

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  5. I don’t drink coffee, but I’ve heard from some coffee drinking friends that they like the coconut oil or coconut creamer in theirs. It definitely is an adjustment as sugar is very addictive. I am co-hosting a 5 day clean eating challenge right now actually (no/low sugar!) which is being done via a Facebook group, if you would be interested in joining some other folks all trying it out, so to speak! (we are on day 2 now, but there is a meal plan and tons of tips, you could still hop in).

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  6. Visiting you for the first time! Thanks for the like on my recent post 🤗 I’ve not tried IF but I do work hard to reduce sugars & carbs. I too went mad in February & tried 100% cold turkey NO sugar, including carbs refined & naturals. I lasted 7 days & thought I would never recover! 🙄 😂 recently moved from a 900sq ft apartment to a 29ft camper trailer- my routine & strategy have been on a ride for sure! Keep it up~ you’ll find your balance again 💓

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    1. ” I lasted 7 days & thought I would never recover! ” –> LOL! XD XD I don’t know if it’s even possible to quit ALL sugar & ALL refined carbs ALL the time. I just don’t think it’s sustainable too. And vigilance is … well … a waste of energy o_O But I don’t know, who am I to talk? XD Thanks for stopping by!

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    1. LOL! XD I think it’s based after bulletproof coffee where you add grass-fed butter and medium chain triglyceride oil (can get this from coconut oil as well) in your morning cuppa. It sure takes getting used to, that much I can say. At this point though I’d much rather just have black or none – leaning towards none as coffee really does interfere with my sleep o_O


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