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Odd-Photo Prompt: Brains In My Lawn

I’ve been going through my phone’s photo album and realized that, not only do I take quadruplicate shots, I take so many pictures of odd, random stuff 🤔 Do you do this too?

Most of the time I do it because it sparks an inspiration for a blog post … but then I never get around to writing about it.

I figured before I delete all this ‘junk’, why not use it for its intended purpose and maybe learn a few things along the way! 😁 (Nifty, eh?)

And so this week’s entry is the puffy puffball mushroom. Ta-daaaah!


I remember coming out the front door one day and exclaiming to my daughter “there are brains on our lawn!” because it was the first time I had ever seen such ‘growth’ 😄

In making this blogpost I’ve found out that these are called puffballs (mayhaps Calvatia craniformis). Puffballs vary in size from 3″ in diameter to the size of a dog. Some puffballs are edible, one way to identify these is to slice them open and see if the flesh is white and solid. However, it’s best to consult a professional shroom connoisseur to avoid death by  accidental shroom poisoning. 😨😨

When the puffball matures and is ready to spew its spores out into the world for the continuance of its species, it will turn brown and look like turd 💩

For our perusal, I have diligently documented this as well! 🤗


And this is our odd-photo prompt of the week, the puffball mushroom 🙌

13 thoughts on “Odd-Photo Prompt: Brains In My Lawn”

    1. And here I am wishing I had a camera! XD But truth be told, the portability of my phone has always been a solid reason I haven’t bought a real camera to date. My phone’s pretty handy for capturing random stuff at random times 😀 Thanks so much for dropping by! ❤

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      1. I enjoy your take on the world. One of my best friends is a librarian and travels the world. Her point of view is fun, too–but you share such different things!

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      2. She sounds absolutely delightful! 😀 Such a blessing to have good friends with interesting takes on the world. And thanks so much for the kind words ❤

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  1. Very interesting… one of my main interests is photography, and I fully intend to take a class one day. My cell phone is a phone, period, but I do have a wonderful Sony DSC-RX100 that my wonderful hubby bought me for Christmas. And, I’ve gone crazy with it, getting obsessed with flower close-ups. Some of my photos can be seen here: http://www.publicdomainpictures.net/browse-author.php?a=109928
    Anyway, I love the pic and info about the “Brains” mushroom. LOL! Keep this stuff coming… As a nerd, I find this VERY interesting.

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      1. Oh, wow, I’m sooooo flattered that you like the pic of the fuchsia so much. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! :D:D:D Best of luck with acquiring a good camera and getting a good start with your photography hobby. There’s lots to learn… and I’m still doing that. Also, phone cameras are getting downright sophisticated these days, anyway.

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