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Stashbustin’ Like A Boss Part 1

What do you do with something that has lost its purpose? The first answer would be to give it away to someone who might have use for it. The second answer would be to re-purpose it.

Well, prior to us leaving for Indonesia,  I had already donated quite a lot of my cold-weather yarns to my daughter’s school in Melbourne. I don’t know why precisely I hung on to these that I chose to keep but likely, I was feeling wasteful and wanted to redeem a bit of my guilty conscience.

At this point though they’re at a risk of seriously inhibiting my crafting mojo if I don’t do something really soon.

So I made the decision not to buy any warm-weather/tropical/beach yarns unless my stash of cold-weather yarns are at least  80% used up.  I figured I would still use the yarns to make items – even if these items are for cold weather and will be shipped off for donation at the end of this goal – as long as the projects expose me to new lessons in crochet & knitting.

Kinda like investing in collateral materials in a self-imposed knitting & crochet class.

Genius! 😎😎

And so for this first entry, may I present a knitted cowl and a crochet baby cocoon:

stashbustin part 1

Ze Cowl:

This project presented me with the opportunity to knit in a particular stitch pattern that required copious amounts of expletives and the frustrating experience of frogging 7 times (I kid you not, I actually counted the times so I could tell you afterwards).

This pattern required absolute concentration lest I forgot a single “K1” or “YO” or whether it was a “K2tog” or an “SSK” and whichever came first 😵😵😵. As a matter of fact I ended up reciting the individual stitches out loud while executing them to help keep me on track. For all 12 pattern repeats! I couldn’t wait for it to get finished 🤒

As you can see, I persevered and am proud to be able to claim having experience in the following:

  • Following a lace stitch pattern – it’s my 1st time to do it and I just find the result very encouraging even with the frogs and the errors 😍 😆
  • Provisional cast on – my tip: be very careful when unraveling
  • Kitchener stitch – mine is a bit wonky but still exceeded my expectations
  • How to frog with grace 💩

Here is the beautiful pattern if interested.

Ze Baby Cocoon:

Now this I might end up actually using for B3 😍 – although I still have to check later on if it won’t be too stuffy. Compared to the 1st project, this one was a breeze and I learned the following:

baby cocoon

  • Crocheting in the chevron pattern
  • Crocheting in the round (I need to improve my joining stitches)
  • The back post double crochet (or bpdc)

Here is the pattern if interested.

I think I reduced my stash by 2 1/2 skeins of yarn by the end of this project 😁 Yay!

Now on to the next!

34 thoughts on “Stashbustin’ Like A Boss Part 1”

    1. Aww, thanks! ❤️ It amazes me that I stuck to it when in the beginning I couldn’t get past a single pattern repeat without an error 😖 I guess I’m that desperate to get rid of these yarns (and buy the new ones) 😆 I do feel quite glorious right now, yes 😎 LOL! 🤣

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  1. haha I’ve done that before and it usually confuses the shit out of hubby when I do. It does help, though, to keep track of your stitches, especially when you’re a little frazzled/foggy. Looks like you did a great job on both those items, good for you 🙂 So what’s your next lacy item?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL! Let’s just say I am SO glad it was just a cowl 🤣 I haven’t decided what my next project will be yet, but I definitely will stay clear of lace knitting for a while 🤣


      1. I looked up those shawls and they are indeed lovely! 😍 I want to knit them, esp the Multnomah. BUT – not with these yarns I have right now. I feel the shawls need something … err, nicer 😄 Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll put them on my list 👍👍


  2. I don’t know what frogging is, but I’m going to Google it. I don’t know a thing about knitting, but the cowl is beautiful. Maybe worthy of a few expletives. 😊 And the baby cocoon is sweet. I’ve never seen one like it.

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    1. LOL! Frogging is when you need to unravel your work because you made an error. Easy way to remember it is by saying “rip-it! rip-it!” like frogs do 😄 Thanks so much for the kind words ❤️


    1. It does? Well come to think of it, I do find crochet easier in many ways (like for one when you have to frog 🤣). And I guess yeah, while following the lace pattern for the cowl I was definitely not ‘calm & collected’ 🤣

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  3. Lovely lace knitting 🙂 the colours are really great too on the cowl. The cocoon is so cute too I might have to make one soon, too many of my friends/family having little girls!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, thanks 😘 I really love the yarn I used for the cowl too. It’s very soft to knit with. It’s really just too warm for tropical weather. Whoever I donate it to eventually will likely (here’s hoping!) love it too 🙂

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