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Finally Getting Around To Doing It

Today is a sunny Sunday over here at my small, sleepy corner of Indonesia and as usually happens when I’m not alone in the house (the hubs and daughter are home), I get a burst of energy 😊

So up I went to my potted plants to finally start the repotting process I’ve been putting off for about 2 weeks now.


But first let me introduce you to them (no names because I don’t have a clue πŸ˜€):

need repotting

This is how they look now after I transferred them away from direct sunlight.Β  They looked so much worse a couple of weeks back due to my ignorance 😟 I thought as long as they weren’t in direct sunlight for an entire day and they got enough water, they’d be good. Well, as you can see from the 2 in the front row, the Indonesian sun is just way too much for them.

Bigger Homes

I was able to repot 3 (back row) and salvaged a 4th that had died but had these little off-shoots that seemed like they wanted a chance to live 🀞 (3rd from left).

batch one repotted

I’m going to do the rest sometime within the week as I believe they are the most challenging.Β  The pink one has a broken stem that produces weak and sickly looking leaves. But it keeps producing new leaves so I take that to mean it hasn’t given up yet. 😘

I don’t think I need to repot the aloe vera but it’s borne children so maybe they should be transferred to a separate pot.

The 3rd one is giving me some blooms – so maybe it’s happy where it is? But I do feel that the pot is too small and I might have to divide the plant because it seems there are 2 of them in the same pot.

The last one (partially hidden) has an ugly pot and I might as well move it to a bigger one to anticipate future growth (here’s hoping πŸ˜†).

Brawns Vs. Brains

OF COURSE, I don’t have a clue about the proper repotting of plants, I just mimicked what I saw the lady selling the plants did. As usual, I read up about it after the fact 😁  And now I have to go back up and water them. Duh! 🀣

Oh and before I go, did you know that plants can make your brain work better? Here are 14 more reasons to add plants to your life. Me, I just wanted a new active hobby that would beautify my home at the same time ❀️

~~ oOo ~~

11 thoughts on “Finally Getting Around To Doing It”

  1. Wow, so many health benefits from plants. I’m in the process of repotting some plants too, not that I have much of a green thumb but it’s still really satisfying. Happy gardening. 🌿🌷

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  2. I had a huge aloe vera that I decided to split and repot. Well, I nearly killed it all. I put it outside on the deck in “time out” for a while and noticed one day it had new growth. So I put some bits into new pots with a rock in the middle to hold the poor things in place and finally they started to come back. They are looking good again, but I doubt I will be brave enough to try repotting them again!


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