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Share Your World – September 18, 2017

foam party
local folks enjoying a foam party on a rainy Sunday afternoon


I love this week’s SYW questions ❤️ Here we go:

Complete this sentence: I want to learn more about …

  • Aromatherapy and how I can use it at home. I’ve already finished an online course but it seemed to have just skimmed the surface.
  • Gardening, particularly container gardening, taking care of flowering plants, herbs. And by extension, making terrariums. One at a time of course 😄
  • Photography. I’ve put this off for ages and ages now. This one’s probably for next year considering I’m about to give birth.
  • Cooking/expanding my culinary repertoire. I’m afraid this one’s reached emergency status now.  I keep cooking the same 5 or so recipes and relying on take-outs for variety.  (My family’s been very forgiving because I’m pregnant and all). Then I got really bored with my recipes and my yen for cooking just went out the window as a result. So I’m seriously thinking about this and WILL BUY AN OVEN. Because, can you believe it? I’ve NEVER even owned an oven in my entire life! 😱😱😱
  • Close on the heels of previous bullet point – baking!
  • Crochet – Filet, Irish, tapestry, thread, and creating warm weather garments.
  • The Indonesian language. I’m gonna give birth any time now and perhaps the only word of relevance that I understand is “dorong” (“push”) 😅. I also took an online course for this – which was actually  pretty good – but the problem is the retention. I’ve since observed that I retain more if I learn the words that I need at the moment – like when I have to ask the housekeeper to do something. My brain just won’t give space to something I don’t need. In addition, there’s a notable difference between the Indonesian you learn formally vs. the Indonesian actually spoken.  Another reason I prefer to learn from the housekeeper 😁
  • Basic sewing. So I can make my own sassy pillowcases & curtains and anything else that’s just a rectangular piece of fabric with just a little embellishment ❤️❤️

On a vacation what would you require in any place that you sleep?

Comfortable bed & temperature. No noise. No lights. No unpleasant smells.

What is your greatest extravagance?

Online shopping and having it shipped via DHL📦📦. Although this one’s straddling the fence between extravagance and necessity because this has to do with our present location.

For instance, when shopping for clothes, my 10 y.o. daughter has to look in the adults section already. Never mind me and my husband. Finding comfortable footwear is difficult at best, so we’ve taken to buying ours in Singapore. Last night we couldn’t find self-rising flour in the grocery department of their biggest, most recognized as high-end, mall. I mean, maybe they ran out of it but that’s my point, there’s not one single place where you can safely say they have everything, sometimes you have to explore other stores in search of an item and even then it’s hit and miss.

There are no English books here so I have to have them shipped from Amazon/Book Depository. I buy our supplements online as well, all the maternity clothes I’m wearing ….

What inspired you this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

Related image

I wish I’d bookmarked it! It was an article from a homemaking blog that talked about the reasons why the author makes herself up even when she’s just at home for days on end. That piece really spoke to me because I have been wallowing in frumpsville for the longest time now – thank goodness nobody from my previous corporate life can see me! 🤣

She made all the right arguments, including the very true fact that it sets a positive tone for the day and makes you more productive.

So now I take my showers in the morning before breakfast, get out of my sleeping clothes into nice daytime wear, swap my glasses for contacts, fix my hair, wear liner, lipstick, earrings and perfume 😁😁😁

Well, that last part might be overkill but then again, why not? 😘


Now give me YOUR answers! 😀 Comment below or just click the badge to join the fun.


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7 thoughts on “Share Your World – September 18, 2017”

  1. I almost always shower at night, but the getting dressed thing is really important. Especially getting into the habit before the baby arrives. So easy to toss on something and not care. And at my age, it is also a good idea to get dressed and greet the day with style and a smile.
    The essential oils thing is so much fun. I don’t use them for scent, just for living sorts of things. Although, I must admit, lemon is lovely on the skin! I sort of smell like pie!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “So easy to toss on something and not care” -> so true! 😄

      I’m looking forward to having my own stash of go-to essential oils eventually. We’re a family obsessed with nice smells so I think this pursuit is worthwhile, to say the least. I’ll be sure to add lemon. It’s so fresh and energizing 🙂

      Always a good day when you drop by, Kris 😘

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m sorry, I’m still stuck on you never having had an oven in your life lol. How is that even possible? I mean, you’re Dutch, right? I have not ever known a home there not to have one.
    Baking’s fun. Also, the self-rising flour you should be able to make yourself. Check pinterest? It’s also good for getting recipes 😉 If you want, I can share my “cookbook” with you, but I’d need your email to share it with you as it’s in OneNote (free, microsoft).

    I’m with you on the learning to sew bit. It’s something I’m working on as well.

    Good luck with everything

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL! I know, right? 🤣 I’ve lived for the most part of my adult life in another Asian country and have always had the opportunity of a hired help/cook. Domestic life & practical skills were just never an interest until I became a SAHM (in early 2015). But, I think I’m lucky in that way because now I can preoccupy myself with learning those things 😁

      About sewing: are you teaching yourself from videos or do you have someone to help you? I’m too lazy for hand sewing and do it only under emergencies 🙃 I see sewing machines on display in one of the malls here and am very tempted …

      About the email: If I leave a message on your blog’s contact form will you be able to get my address from there? Would definitely appreciate your cookbook. Thanks a bunch! 😘

      Liked by 1 person

      1. that’d do it, I suppose. Still… /goggles

        I’ve got a sewing machine and my MIL is… attempting to teach me. It isn’t going very well for various reasons

        I should be able to? I’ve never (to my knowledge) had anyone actually use the form, so try it, leave me a message here to let me know and go from there?

        Liked by 1 person

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