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Weekend Treats

Happy Monday, sexy people! 😘

Fresh on the heels of this post I decided to walk the talk and get myself some little treats over the weekend 😀



I fancied myself some cacti for a change but couldn’t resist the pink-leafed beauty in the center, whatever her name is 😄 I do not know how to care for cacti but now I have the incentive to.

I then went by a houseware store that I’ve been visiting frequently lately (maybe this can be my ‘favorite nook‘?) and thought I’d grab a scented candle along with the kitchen items I was looking for and, voila:


I love my scented candle 💖💖

About an hour or two later though, I noticed what I afterwards learned to be called a “candle tunnel” and I’m up to my knees in YouTube videos about how to properly burn jar candles.  Apparently, you need to burn candles until the entire surface is melted (all the way to the edge) in order to avoid these walls of wax that get higher and higher while the wick gets buried deeper and deeper.

Unfortunately for my scented candle, I believe the wick is the wrong type. The wick has to be the right size for the candle in order for it to generate enough heat to melt the wax all the way to the jar edges. This morning I tried again, I lit the candle at 6AM and only blew it out past 12 noon, the wax still had not melted all the way to the edges ☚ī¸â˜šī¸â˜šī¸

This means I’ll have to manually remove the unmelted wax each time I use the candle to bring it down to the wick’s level to prevent the wax pool from drowning the wick.

Annoying but, I always appreciate learning something new so, no bad feelings over here 🙂 I’ll just be better equipped next time 👍👍

9 thoughts on “Weekend Treats”

  1. Now I’m probably going to go down that same rabbit hole, because that wall of wax annoys the piss out of me every year during the holiday season (which is the only time we burn candles anymore since I accidentally melted the RV vanity top with a jar candle and got accused of doing it intentionally to precipitate a bathroom remodel that I desperately wanted)

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    1. And I thought it was just something you had to live with! Amazing what you can find on the net if you just look 🙂

      Yeah I wanted something low maintenance for a change 🙂


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