Better Pictures 2018


Day 5 challenge is all about tagging your posts smartly. A combination of broad and specific tags is recommended, and no more than 15 lest it won’t show up in the tag pages of other bloggers’ Reader feeds.


I didn’t know what to take a picture of for this challenge. I had a chain in mind (hello, “connect” 😁) but couldn’t find one with enough ‘drama’ to feature. I also already featured a knit project the last time and thought it’d be boring if I posted a close-up of crochet or knit stitches this time too.

Fortunately I was experimenting with vertical orientation again and found this one, and I thought – “Branches connected to the trunk – hmmmwill do!“.

Now how to tag this smartly … 🤔 Does anyone know the scientific name of this tree?

12 thoughts on “Connect”

  1. I don’t tag well.
    This tree is lovely, looks perfect for hiding inside! Climbing and playing in. Each branch is a step to the next and it doesn’t even look that hard to get out of!!

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    1. 🤭 Thanks, Kris. I was afraid the tree shot would come across as a cop out. Seriously though, where are the flowers when I need them? 😏 That’s been my one constant thought while on this challenge.


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