Better Pictures 2018

What Happened To That Photo Challenge?


Earlier this year I put myself on WP’s beginner Photography Course in a bid to improve my photography skills.  I was only able to post up until challenge #5 before I realized I just didn’t have enough time for it right now.

I can do quite a few stuff around the house while Riri sleeps. But what I can’t do a lot of is go outside and carefully, deliberately go through the motions of capturing the perfect-enough photo to represent the challenges.

I should’ve known this before I threw myself into it, huh? 😏

I do have some takeaways though:

  • I got to know my dslr & iPhone cameras better. I really did use my dslr camera more, but I also got to delve into my iPhone cam’s editing capabilities because there are just times when lightweight phone trumps cumbersome dslr.
  • I know now to pause before taking a picture to consider background & angle.
  • I know now to  give some thought about the message I wish to convey with the picture
  • I should read through the guidelines of a challenge first  & consider the time and effort it requires before jumping into it 😄

That said the challenge also me realize that what I really want to learn right now is how to edit my photos for this blog. I am always drawn to those pale-ish photos that are crystal clear at the same time. Luckily, I can just remain indoors for this.

So that’s that. I just wanted to put closure to this matter before moving on with life 😉

8 thoughts on “What Happened To That Photo Challenge?”

    1. Yeah sometimes you get more than you bargained for and rather than stress yourself over it, best to put it in the backburner for the time being and come back to it when circumstances are more favorable.

      I hope you’re okay now. Exercise is a worthwhile investment in yourself. Good luck on your next round 🙂

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    1. Thanks a lot, B 🙂 Close-up of flowers would be bliss for me, unfortunately there are only a very few flowers where I live. But we do have an abundance of macaque monkeys. We can swap if you ever want a change. LOL! 😄

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