✨ First Finish of 2018 ✨

anne 2

📢  Ta-daaaaaah!

I finally finished “Anne” and I’m so proud because it’s actually something that I can and will wear 😄 (Oh and, I already hid that tiny tail at the front of the cowl, so that area is perfect now 😍).

Anne is a cowl-neck pullover knit in 100% fine weight cotton. Perfect for Indonesia’s sunny climate.

Other than when work on the cowl shaping overlaps with the shoulder shaping, this truly was such an easy (mindless) knit perfect for days when you just feel like plastering yourself to the couch and binge watching on Netflix (or Iflix here in Indonesia).

anne 1

Unfortunately, the tailor’s dummy that I’m using is the same size as my 10 y.o. daughter 🙄, so the pullover looks longer & larger than it actually is when I wear it.

But on me it sits just right on my hipbones where a belt is tied to the side.

detail 2

Perhaps one of these days I’ll come back to this post & model Anne myself to give her enough justice 😉

And I just realized, we’re almost halfway through 2018 and I only have 1 FO to show so far. Hmmmm … 🤨 I better get a move on it. I’d love to be able to finish 1 item per month, the better to look back on the year and enjoy the accomplishments 🤪

47 thoughts on “✨ First Finish of 2018 ✨”

    1. Thanks! 🙂 Indeed I’m always apprehensive when the item is finished – will I wear it, will I like it enough to wear it again? … I really think this one is a”yes” to both and that’s such a relief. LOL! It’s motivating me to knit/crochet some more 🙂

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      1. 😆 Well you know what they say, aim for the moon so if you don’t hit it, at least you’ll still land among the stars 😉 I’d consider it a very productive year if I’m able to finish 6 items at this point 😀

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    1. Yeah, it’s pretty exciting 🙂 While working on it there’s always that creeping doubt that it might not be something I’d want to wear after all once finished. I don’t know if others are like this too but, that’s me. That’s why this one’s special 😉

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    1. Thank you, B 😘 At least I have one finished item for 2018, eh? 😆 I have to buy my yarns online. This one’s from Turkey based

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    1. 😁😁 And yes, they do take time. I’m new at this so I’m still learning how to gauge how labor intensive a wearable project might be. Like, I’m working on one right now that’s made out of crochet motifs and at this point, it’s become more of a chore because of the gazillion tails I need to hide afterwards 😩 So that right there is another learning experience for me.

      Thanks a lot for visiting and commenting Anthonia 😘 😊 Your knits are exquisite! 🤩


    1. Thanks! 😁 This one was really simple to knit, the pattern was for beginners, that’s why I’m doubly happy that it turned out so well 🤩


    1. I give my projects names because I’m just weird like that. 😄 LOL! The plan is to work my way through the alphabet and see how many years that will take 🤪 And thanks so much! 😘 It’s from a Knitscene winter-spring ed of 2011. The pattern is called chiton pullover designed by Melissa Wehrle. Haven’t tried searching for it on the net but it could maybe be on Ravelry?


  1. That is gorgeous! I find sweaters very challenging. I’ve never actually finished one, though I have one that only needs the sleeves done. I was making it for a Christmas gift for my husband three years ago and just never finished it…maybe for this next Christmas. Your work is wonderful and I’m looking forward to seeing more of it.

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    1. Aww, thank you so much for the kind words 😘😁 It’s the seaming that turns me off, but I do enjoy knitting sweaters. Although since we’ve come back to Indonesia I might have to stick to lacy ones at that.


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