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This Is How A Perfectionist/Procrastinator Goes Back to Exercising

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I probably had my mouth agape while sleeping last night. And I probably was snoring. And it seems like I was stuck in place like an immobile statue to the bed. And I am aching all over. It’s especially brutal when I go down the stairs.


I’ve put it off for long enough …

I am finally exercising again! (Squeal!)Β  πŸ€— πŸ€— πŸ€—

I didn’t think it would be such a feat, but now that I think about it, my worrying about what to wear, where to exercise, how to exercise, how long to exercise, how often … that was just the perfectionist me procrastinating. I didn’t get it at first because I love to exercise. And I have no problem doing it at home. But I guess the body is a sneaky little thing, it likes to be lazy.

Well, lazy won’t get rid of my kangaroo pouch 😀 I’ve lost some post-baby weight already but, this pouch out front that’s just ruining my silhouette, it won’t go away without some deliberate physical activity.

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First I had to get me a drill sergeant whose role was to tell me motivation started with getting off my fat assΒ πŸ’₯ (she actually said it like that!) and that, if it’s proving to be such a gargantuan effort to do something, that I should just start with blocking off the time. It didn’t matter if all I did was walk in place. Just honor that time as exercise time. Rinse and repeat until momentum builds up.

Well that’s what I did but the standing in place was a 5 min warm-up video by my favorite exercise team Daniel & Kelli, because as I stood there I thought “might as well”. And I followed that with a 5 minute cool down video because, having already warmed up I thought, “might as well”.

I allowed the first couple of days to not be perfect. To spend time tweaking stuff including creating a routine that would include feeding time for my baby. By Friday I had it down patΒ πŸ‘ Which brings us to today’s glorious muscle soreness 🀩, proof that all I needed was to start where I was and improve from there.

So what’s the lesson here?

For fellow perfectionists/procrastinators it is this:

  1. Get a coach/cheerleader/drill sergeant (whatever works) to motivate you because it really starts with your head. And if there’s nobody in your life that fits the bill (or you don’t want to spend the money) there are podcasts. I first had to sift through a few podcasts before I found Corinne, and her no-bs style of telling it like it is was just the kick in the arse I needed.
  2. If necessary, start ridiculously small. So small that you tell yourself, “Oh what the heck, I can do more than that”.
  3. Keep doing it and build on from there. You’re looking good, sexy thing! 🀩

9 thoughts on “This Is How A Perfectionist/Procrastinator Goes Back to Exercising”

  1. I can’t afford a drill sergeant while we’re building our house, so I’ve found a YouTube channel of yin yoga videos I like and I do the longest ones I can find. It always involves rearranging the furniture (yoga in an RV is a bitch LOL) so I try and make it worth the effort πŸ˜‰

    Nice to know I’m not the only one struggling to get motivated!πŸ˜™

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  2. Oh, I’m so happy for you! I started exercising months ago but I didn’t manage to make it a habit. It’s still in my head and soon, I hope, I’ll turn it into one.
    I would just like to share that the YouTuber/fitness expert whose routines I follow is Joanna Soh. She really has a wide range of exercise routines from beginner to intense level. I’m still in the beginner though. :p Go you! πŸ˜€

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    1. Oh yeah, I think I came across Joanna before when I was searching for workout vids on YouTube. I like her too. I only became addicted to Fitness Blender as I progressed from beginner to intermediate exerciser as I initially found their videos difficult and boring πŸ˜€ But what do you know, they gave me the results I was looking for! 🀩 What exercise type do you find fun? My ‘drill sergeant’ says you repeat what you like so … Anyhoot, thanks for the encouragement Fatsy. Maybe soon you can blog about going back to exercising too 😘


  3. That stupid kangaroo pouch is not as easy to get rid of as all those motivation and exercise vids think. I’m certain sure no matter how many crunches or whatever you do, the darn thing will still show up. I hate it and after that second kid and decades of insulin shots, I think I need to keep several pairs of girdles on the body. Which I hate, so I only go naked when I am changing clothes, rarely under the covers, or in the shower!

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    1. LOL 🀣 I can’t even keep 1 girdle on me .. too hot! Thank goodness highwaisted jeans are back in fashion at the moment 😏

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