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May: Parties, Heels & Lace

partayThe marvelous month of May turned out to be much, much more than I anticipated πŸ‘

This coffee date earned me 3 invitations to all-wives-only get-togethers that did wonders to my soul. Of course, they were a bit challenging to work up to, not just because as a SAHM with a small baby I have difficulty finding time to even get a decent shower every day, but that I’m also an introvert whose default mode is a preference for solitary activities.

Nevertheless I noticed that these get-togethers energized me so much that I felt like treating myself to some heels 🀣 🀣

Out of all the urgent things that my wardrobe needs RIGHT NOW, I focus on my feet (which is not the first time) 🀣 Well, for one they’re so easy to dress up, they don’t have flab to skillfully camouflage with cut or color!

I bought them for special occasions (or just for walking around the house when I’m feeling sassy πŸ˜‰πŸ˜†) since I’m always scrambling at the last minute for what to wear whenever a special occasion pops up. I guess the vague plan is to work from the bottom up as far as updating my wardrobe is concerned πŸ˜†

I also finished a huge lace doily. Is it still a doily if it’s that huge? I think it’s earned table cover status πŸ€”

Channeling my inner home decorator ….

This house, although spacious and I love its location, is old and old fashioned. It’s got paint chipping off a few of its boring white walls, the furniture is ugly & uncomfortable (but they came with the house and they function 🀨), and it only has windows on one side so it can get hot and gloomy during daytime. I am grateful but resigned. 😏

— digression:

We can’t do any remodeling because it’s a “staff house” that comes with my husband’s expat package, rented long-term by the company to house any given foreign employee for certain periods of time. We can only request for repairs and maintenance; re-painting walls would fall into that category but we have a baby so we’re not very keen about that at the moment.

— end of digression:

Anyhoot, I decided no harm could come from letting my colorful personality shine now that I’m no longer pregnant & sleepy! So …

We had an A/C unit installed in the living room to counter the heat, I then claimed one of the boring walls with some frames, & put a carpet on the floor.

living room

And now this is where the family loves to hang out, including the baby 😍 It gets really cozy in the evenings when only the lampshade is on, there’s a good movie on TV, and a huge bowl of popcorn is being shared 😘

The kitchen also needed some color so I was truly pleased that a simple yellow tablecloth could make such a huge difference!

yellow happy

What else …?

Oh yes, I did read a book, just need to finish a few more pages, but it’s technically done so I can rake this up to a May finish as well:

May read

And the reason why I’m taking so long to finish this book – which is a lovely read by the way πŸ’˜) is because right after the pineapple table cloth, I went right in with my knitting needles for a racerback tee:

racerback tee

This is the back portion of the tee. I’m working on the front portion now alternating work on another project, a lace crochet pullover. I don’t know, I guess I’m just on a creative roll right now 😁

And that, my sexy friends, was May for me πŸ’–

How about you guys, what did you do in May?

18 thoughts on “May: Parties, Heels & Lace”

  1. Hm. In May I pieced several quilt tops, and started YET ANOTHER knitting project (blanket from leftovers). I got four books from the library but three didn’t grab me and the fourth was a thin one on machine quilting. One of my daughters and I rescued a German Shepherd from a cement retention pond. Our diocesan administrator was kind enough to swing by our house for a few hours. And it’s been hot as blazes here.

    I agree that you have to do with what you have! Better than just moaning about what you wish you had. I’m living in a cookie-cutter suburban box which we’re renting, but there’s always *something* you can do to make it your own.

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    1. “there’s always *something* you can do to make it your own.” -> I love this, yes, so very true πŸ™‚ And I’m happy for the German Shepherd, I hope he’s taking to his new human family beautifully πŸ™‚

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      1. I wasn’t clear about the dog: We rescued him from drowning, not rescued him in the adoption way! He had a collar and rabies tag and was in good health so we hope he went back to the neighborhood nearby and found his family. 😊 He definitely seemed local – did not look thin and travel-worn. It was quite the shock when I squinted and realized that β€œfunny looking duck” was the head of a swimming dog trying to get out. Poor baby. I’m so glad I saw him.

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  2. Wow! You kept busy with lots of great, creative, positive things. My May was mostly taken up by my daughter’s wedding in Hawaii, and all the preparations required for it. That included meeting the new in-laws (wonderful people from Australia), dinners, beaches, hikes, and of course the wedding itself. We’re very happy for our daughter and her new husband. They’ll be living in Australia, and we live in the US, Washington State. So, getting together again will be a challenge. May was a good month.

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  3. I love decorating. I spent the month of May mostly out in my garden, decorating and planting flowers. I love it out there. You can tell when someone loves their home, because they take the time to make it pretty, even if its little things here and there. I can tell from your photos your home is filled with lots of love, I like that picture on the wall. I almost bought a similar one at Amazon for my wall but stuck with a little second hand shelf I picked up instead.

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    1. Aww, thanks so much! πŸ™‚β€οΈ I do try. Especially since I’ve made the decision to stop focusing on being “away from home”, and making a home away from home instead. I’m with my family, nothing else is more important πŸ€— And, I’m indeed starting to enjoy decorating too! πŸ˜ƒ

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    1. Haha .. thanks! I’m teaching myself to get used to wearing heels again, I lost the art the moment I turned SAHM. But this doesn’t have to be, so here we are … 🀭

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  4. May was ages ago. I am constantly losing my place in the world of time. So, I’ll mention a few things in my sector going backwards! Mum is still hanging on, it is a rough road, but she’s surviving as best she can. She refuses to let me help her anymore, though. I’m getting a tooth worked on next week. I’ve never had a root canal, so this should be an interesting thing to remember for if I ever have a character in a story who needs one! I’ve read a few books, made a couple of crude outdoor benches from wood and cinder blocks, and miss my family a great deal. I thought I could go back to see them this last week, but forgot a few things were on the docket. Oh well.
    I adore your brown shoes!!!!!!! My self stopped wearing those sorts of things when my baby was learning to walk/RUN. Flats were needed to keep up! Your blue hued room is amazing. It looks cozy. Can you come fix my bedroom??? It is also blue, but filled with mom’s debris from decades of sewing!

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    1. LOL! Those shoes definitely won’t get a lot of wear πŸ˜‚ They’re pretty but painful πŸ€ͺ How’s your tooth? I would love a room filled with debris from sewing 😍 I think knowing how to sew is so cool. Not to mention, really practical. It’s on my bucket list but I’m procrastinating because it’s really nice to savor the idea that there’s this delicious crafty thing up ahead that’s just waiting to be explored 🀀


      1. I am going to experience a root canal on Tuesday; you would not like this room full of debris…it’s hard to move! Organize it and then we’ll talk. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ The good sized tote full of doll heads is a bit much. πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ Thankfully, that is in another room with more crafting debris.

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