What one thing during your normal day …

… which, when left undone, will “nibble at your sanity” until you finally do/fix it?

And that’s Question # 3 folks!

Is it taking the dog out for a walk? Giving your cat a nice tummy rub? Making up the bed? Tell me in the comments section below 👇😀 👇

My answer: cleaning out the dining table.

It’s just a surface that naturally gathers “stuff” during the course of the day, be it earphones or breadcrumbs, and for some reason, I just need to have it wiped clean. Only then can I go on with my day 🤭

How about you? Do share below 😃

Have a great weekend y’all.

 👇 👇 👇

22 thoughts on “What one thing during your normal day …”

  1. Tidying my kitchen benches. I have a small open plan living area and it feels quite oppressive if the benches are cluttered. It’s especially nice to return home after a work day to a tidy, uncluttered kitchen. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen, but I feel so much better when it does.

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  2. wall spots and grubby light switches. I absolutely go crazy when I find handprints on my walls or wherever. Not like little kid ones, but my 24 year old’s dark paw prints on the fridge or door or…I got home after my time in AK and spent quite a bit of time scrubbing those things away that night before I went to bed. I continued the next day!!!!
    I also like at least one clean counter!

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