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July: Change Is In the Air

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Would you know it? We’re down to the second half of 2019 already. Whoa!

Today I woke up very sleepy because I went back to my (bad) habit of drinking this instant 3-in-1 cheapo coffee that really contributes nothing to my well-being except give me a dose of sugar & junk ingredients so early in the day. And then it continues to mess up my energy levels throughout the day.  Like, super sleepy while the sun’s up and super alert when I’m supposed to be snoring.

Why do I do this to myself? LOL!

But hey, it’s July already and another remarkable thing about the month is that it starts on a Monday and I love that because Mondays are always wonderful for starting something new.

And just as I feel a very strong urge to purge [of unwanted “stuff”] to make room for the new every January, I feel the urge for a “pit-stop” in July.

So guess what? I’m coming back to blogging with a 4-week challenge for myself ~ Everyday I will do something, a mini assignment of the ordinary kind, designed to put me in a positive mood.

Why? Just to remind me to find something fun or to be happy or grateful about everyday for the month of July. I guess I want to start the second half of the year on a positive note this way.

And then I’ll come back the day after to note how the act wowed me (if it did). Cool eh?


Today’s challenge is: bust out a fresh bedset.

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