Hi! ⛅️

Welcome to my blog! 😊

I’m an expat SAHM, “cray-cray” mom of 2, and I love upbeat music, keeping fit, creating with thread, & Crime TV.

A perfectionist, a bit high-strung, undeniably cranky when sleep-deprived but a cheerful introvert nonetheless, I keep myself busy exploring new interests, learning new things & coming to terms with being an expat stay-at-home mom.

I am energized by the night sky, morning mists, the sound of waves, sunny days, thunderstorms, beauty treatments, perfume and fierce red lipstick 💋 

Thank you for visiting this blog and I sincerely hope you linger ❤️

be the sunshine in your own life


123 thoughts on “Hi! ⛅️”

      1. I would love to have you write about these three things:
        1. How being an introvert affected you in your demanding job.
        2. The transition from your demanding career into what you do now (what increases in happiness or lifestyle did you see).
        3. Any tips you would provide to someone who finds themselves in the shoes you were once in!

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  1. Thank you so much for liking my Pond Sailing in Paris blog post. I am in the midst of starting a blog, finally for myself after blogging professionally for the fashion industry. It will be all about knitting and crafting. I know a thing or two about technology so I am in the process of making it all come together with social media. I read through some of your posts. You have a challenging life ahead of you! Your morning routine will ground and I power you. I admire what you are doing. Cheers.

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  2. hey thanks for the like BTW i share the same story as yours moved abroad leaving my much promising job to join my husband and to be a SAHM to my lovely son.I am new to blogging browsing your blog was so refreshing. Keep writing like your chirpy way…

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