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I Woke Up Today And Bam! It’s August!

playful pandaHowdy sexy people! Happy 1st of August! ❤

Just wanted to check in with you before the new month runs away with us (or from us? LOL!).  Did you make sure your July was a firecracker of a month? 😀

In my case, I did accomplish almost everything that was on my list – I finished my crochet shrug, and I read and reviewed 2 books (here and here).

I didn’t do much exercising though, at least not what I’d consider serious enough.  We did some traveling and this did not sit well with the perfectionist in me – I was like, if I can’t do it as planned then I won’t do it at all 😦 IK,R? Totally not the right attitude to have.  But, that’s one of my flaws right there.  Working on it 🙂

So, what do you plan to bring into your life this August?

As for me well, the plans aren’t crystal clear yet but I’m thinking along the lines of a formal online course, a potential additional hobby (or maybe hobbies?), some more reading and, TED talks.  Yes, I miss TED.

I’ll definitely crochet some more, I’m even thinking of a monthly challenge for me like, crochet a ‘thing’ every month.  Not sure what that thing is yet though, but it could be different items each month, there’s just so much inspiration out there.

I’ll keep you posted.  Of course! ❤

Meanwhile, let me leave you with a funny video that had me in stitches earlier today:


~  Paardje 💋‍