Better Pictures 2018

What Is Your Idea of Bliss?

I have a gazillion answers to this question but right now, what’s making me feel blissful is the creation that’s taking place on my knitting needles:

“Anne” & Mr. Piddles 🙂

Challenge number 4 is about adding captions to your image. At the same time, you’re being asked to take a picture of what your idea of bliss is.

I didn’t want to overthink my answer to this question. I could have woken up at the crack of dawn for instance, and taken a picture of the sun coming up to represent early mornings, my favorite time of the day, and always a time of bliss for me. Or posed a book, a cup of coffee and my feet propped up on the coffee table – but we already have a picture of my feet 😉

So a photo of my latest creation-in-the-works it is then, because it is always bliss to have a crochet or knitting project to work on, with delicious yarn that you took hours to finally choose. It is always bliss to contemplate the final product, how exciting it will be to post photos of it on your blog. How blissful the feeling of getting to wear something you’ve created and mayhaps, people might throw a nice word or two about it your way too 😘

Being able to work on a project is bliss because right now it also represents small pockets of time when I can put my feet up and rest.

How about you, what is your idea of bliss?