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Feel Good Friday

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Sometimes all you need is a coloring book and a lot of color! (Kiddie coloring books are great fun for adults too!) 😀

Make it a great weekend everyone!

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Learn Something New: The Hidden Meanings of Color

Did you know that wearing orange increases oxygen supply to the brain, produces an energizing effect, stimulates brain activity and is therefor the ideal color to wear when working out?  I didn’t, until now!

Or how about wearing red (for women) and blue (for men) when going out on a date? Red is the color of passion and therefor gets your date’s heart racing.  While blue is stable, and women love stability in men.

Here are the deets on color and their effects on behavior from Behavioral Investigator (that sounds really cool, doesn’t it?) Vanessa Van Edwards.  You can also download her color guide here <– really handy to post on closet door 🙂


What Color Underwear Will You Wear For New Year’s Eve?

underwear black and whiteDid you know that in some Latin American countries people believe that the color of the underwear you wear on New Year’s eve will influence your luck in the upcoming year?

Well I didn’t, but I’m surely delighted to have found out just in time! 😉 I’ve now narrowed down my choice to 2 colors – which I won’t divulge of course 😀 Oh the (fun) dilemma!

6 Lucky Underwear Colors for New Year’s Eve