WIP’D IT! + A Polyester Yarn Question

And as mentioned last week, I finished all my WIPs in good time for this post, allow me! 😀

flower beanie
flower hat

All these items are firsts for me 🙂 The flower hat tutorials are here and here. And the versatile infinity shrug/cowl’s video tutorial is here.

“Alicia” the purse is my own creation.  I combined two color crochet cotton yarns for it (beige and deep red), found the type of crochet flower I wanted on its flap via a google search, and learned how to make a tassel 🙂


I didn’t want to pick up a needle and thread for Alicia unless it’s just to hide the tails 🙄 So it is stitched together using a steel crochet hook and single crochet stitches that travel from one end of the purse, to its flap, then down the other end. The strap is likewise crochet-ed on starting at one end and attached at the other.

It’s a very handy cross-body purse for times when all I need to bring is my mobile, keys and a few folded up bills. Unfortunately, there’s only this one picture of Alicia since my friend liked it so much that I gave it to her 😮 That’s me being so happy the purse turned out so well XD Oh well, I can always make another one I guess …

So now it’s time to reward myself with more yarn, right?! 😀 😀 Well as I was about to fill another online order, I had a yen to first check what was available locally. We discovered this shop near a wet market that sold craft supplies and, guess what, they have these lovely polyester yarn! ❤ ❤ ❤

polyester yarn

As any self-respecting yarn addict, I was about to go appropriately gaga and buy what I could carry, however, I’ve never worked with polyester yarn before. So I bought these three (only) and decided to meditate on them first. Now I’m looking at them and feeling them and waiting for them to speak to me.

So now I need your help –

What can you make with polyester yarn? I’m thinking doilies and bags and I don’t know, are they any good for scarves or any piece of clothing? Are they warm? They feel soft but strong, and smooth. There’s no specifications but I believe these work well with my 3mm hook.

Penny for your thoughts? 🙂