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Hilarious (Creepy?) Dance Fitness Instructor 😛 😄 ðŸ˜‰

I just had to! LOL!

One more?

He must truly be A LOT of fun though because, look at the size of that class! And nobody seems to be complaining 😀

I’m going to take this guy’s class! Who’s with me? 🙂

Fitness & Vanities

The Need To Change Things Up

frog yogaYesterday I realized I’m already feeling jaded about my fitness classes at the gym. I’m sorry but I’m just really easily bored like that 🙄

Diversity Kills The Flab

Especially if it’s the exact same thing week after week. And it has been the exact same thing week after week. No wonder the instructors can afford to stop and just look at us because ~ you know those ladies who are always up front? The ones who’ve been fitness class-ing for so many months now? Well, they can take over the instructor anytime she drops the ball. They’ve already memorized every step, move and sequence!

Both sides are apparently proud of it, and I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. That was just to illustrate my point – coz in my case, repetitiveness enhances the flab.


Going AWOL One Too Many Times

So lately I’ve gone absent a few times already, working out at home instead. And I do enjoy working out at home much more because I have control over certain things like, what type workout to do today, in what order and in what intensity. Like today I did Zumba for 40 minutes followed by a 16 minutes upper body strength training from Fitness Blender.

That, plus I could be doing the laundry at the same time! 🙂 (Did I ever tell you I’m such a stickler for efficiency?)

And I know exercising by your lonesome can be, well, lonely. But imagining myself to be a fitness class instructor seems to do the trick for me 😀


Coming Back To What’s L❤️‍ved

In any case, it does seem like I won’t be renewing my gym membership next month – maybe a break will be good. My already non-existent social life is gonna take a hit because this was my main means to socialize.

But I don’t feel too bad about it. On the one hand, I’ve really missed this blog as well as crocheting and, there are other avenues to keep in touch.

Now excuse me while I pretend I’m one of the Pussycat Dolls in this video – shhhh, it’s all about torching calories XD

Fitness & Vanities

September’s Fitness Goals Review


My last fitness update talked about being motivated to move with a lot of exercise options being considered. It all felt like one huge flurry of activity last month. But by now the dust has settled and a rhythm is emerging.

Movement Goals:

1. Group fitness classes –

I’m really not a big believer in steady-state cardio, preferring short bouts of HIIT and strength training instead. However, exercising on your own is just no fun, I’ll admit to that 🙂

My group fitness classes get me out of the house, remind me to take care of my appearance (yes, this tends to be neglected when you become sorta hermit-ish), and is a means to socialize. So for this alone, it’s still a go, 3 times a week.

2. Fitness Blender Program –

I noticed I was skipping those workouts that were nearly an hour or more long, so I’ve since switched to a program geared for busy people with workouts that stay within the 30~40 min range.

3. 14-day power yoga class –

Went down the drain. I couldn’t access the online classes – thankfully, they’re free – and the perfectionist me just felt it was no use pursuing another program mid-month o_O

4. Walking and swimming –

I wasn’t able to do as much because of this annoying and dangerous haze that’s already lasted for perhaps 3 weeks or so. I don’t know what’s being done about it but an otherwise sunny late afternoon can look like this:


So I haven’t been enjoying my walks as frequently as I would’ve wanted to. I hope it clears up soon! 😥
Diet Goals:

1. Plan for next day’s meals the day/night before.

I’m right on top of this especially where it matters most – on weekdays. I prep a lot of stuff the night before so I can just heat up a good meal after coming home from the gym. Whenever I have had a decent breakfast, my cravings throughout the day are almost completely arrested.

I think this one’s in the bag! 🙂

2. Intermittent fasting. (6pm to 8am).

The 6pm cut-off is still a challenge.

Dinnertime is busy, as you can imagine, and it’s even more so if it’s also the ideal time to go for a walk o_O I’m still experimenting with earlier cooking times and mayhaps will have to move the cut-off to 6:30pm altogether. This is still a work in progress.

Breakfasts no earlier than 8am.

I’ve got this one. The only time I fail is when I forget! And this has happened only once in the past 2 weeks 🙂


So to wrap up, I’m still gonna focus on these same goals for October. My energy and appetite should even out as well and, here’s to coming out stronger and fitter on the other side 😉