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Wiser And Braver For It: A Post-Melbourne Update (Part 2)

In part 1 of this story I shared a bit of our (short) job hunting experience in Melbourne, and how I felt somewhat guilty watching my husband go through the process. But this wasn’t the only reason I agreed to come … Continue reading

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A World Away

I think the best way to start this challenge is by sharing the biggest thing I’ve ever done for myself by way of self care – quitting my job at the start of this year. Now if you knew me … Continue reading

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The Toilet Paper Pilgrimage

Finally, I ventured outside the confines of our house this morning for something besides exercise.  On my own.  No husband or friend with me.  It’s a feat! I was looking outside while having breakfast and thought, “Wouldn’t it be rad … Continue reading

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A Step In The Right Direction

Lately I haven’t really been talking about my stay here in Indonesia, and there’s a perfectly logical explanation for that. Though no longer homesick, I’ve mostly confined myself indoors, taking care of my family’s needs and indulging in my newfound … Continue reading

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Mostly Sunny With A Chance of Fish Sauce

Ah, it’s time for another monthly look-back. How time flies! Very soon I’m gonna have to start thinking about crocheting for the holidays 🙂 So how was June for all you beautiful people? Did you make the most of it? … Continue reading

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Experiencing Indo Food the Local Way

So far we’ve always been eating out at the malls but each time we pass by these side-walk structures I’d always tell my husband I’d like to experience Indonesian street food someday. So we finally did a couple of nights … Continue reading

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The Universe Has A Sense of Humor, Fo Sho!

The other evening, to celebrate our 1 month milestone of being together in Indonesia, we had dinner at De Patros Seafood Café, another fine resto by the sea. I was feeling sassy and was looking forward to a great evening. … Continue reading

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