It’s a mushroom! It’s a bucket! It’s a skirt?! 😲 😲 😲

“I don’t want a mushroom on my head!”, so cries my alarmed daughter when I asked her to try on the hat I was crocheting.

Months ago I bought a crochet book that also has projects you can test your newfound skills on. One of the projects is a slouchy hat which promised the following skill builders – an interesting cluster stitch to create both drape and style, make and shape simple crochet ribbing, shape for slouch, work hat from the bottom up and, finish the top of the hat by gathering the fabric.

I also have this strawberry colored acrylic yarn that I didn’t know what to do with because, although the color is lovely, I suspect it is low quality acrylic. It’s rough to the touch. I bought it some time ago in Singapore for several bats of my eyelashes and never worked with it because I was ambivalent about its scratchy feel.

So anyways, I combined the two (project and lo-qual yarn) and gave the slouchy hat a go.

Now go get a cuppa and enjoy a good chuckle over some photos 😀

crochet skirt
My husband actually thought I was making a skirt XD On hindsight, I wish I continued AND made it into a skirt instead XD
top view
The view from the top – the fabric is gathered at the top using a long foundation chain woven through the spaces.
crochet bucket
No, I WAS NOT going for the Strawberry Shortcake look!
crochet mushroom
She’s really not happy with it, the poor angel XD

For the life of me I just could not figure out how to balance drape and shape – I tried 4 times, adding/subtracting rows/shells. I just couldn’t get it right!

So now the yarn is even more ragged than ever. I might just have to throw the silly thing away for my peace of mind! 😲

Well at least my daughter liked the fingerless gloves I made for her ❤ These go with the hat I made for her a while back.

crochet fingerless mitts

Silver lining: I learned a new stitch, learned about ribbing, learned a little about decreasing and increasing, and am a bit smarter about yarn quality 😀 😀