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Gettin’ Busy With It


The good thing about sitting with boredom for a while and hearing what it has to say is that I always end up with a pretty bangin’ list of things to do or learn 😏 😏

It’s not the exception this time, which is why I now have the appropriate reaction down pat – put all routines on hold, grab pen and paper and give boredom it’s airtime.

It’s a pretty long list usually as I don’t censor. I then give the list time to simmer and, sooner or later a few will hold my attention long enough to become goals 😏 😏

And so, since it’s the first Monday of June — Happy 1st Monday of June to y’all!!! — I figured it would be the perfect day to announce my goals for the month 🙆 🙆


I love having monthly goals ❤ ❤ They give focus and direction, as well as something to celebrate at the end of the month.  I picked 3 for June, and I feel that they give enough variety without necessarily diffusing my focus:

  1. Complete Introductory & Phase 1 Beginner of my Indonesian language lessons.

The fact that I haven’t seriously sunk my teeth into learning the Indonesian language is like a leaky faucet that’s keeping me up all night.  It’s about time I got it fixed! 👊 👊

      2.  Knit my first sweater.

I am still not over the fact that there are also circular needles and double pointed needles – I thought there was only those straight ones! 😮 😮

… so from there you can imagine how lofty this goal actually is for me. But as I sat and learned how to knit-purl-knit-knit, I realized my truth: I came here for the sweaters!

So I’m just gonna dive right in and learn as I go along 😀 😀

      3.  Learn to make meatballs.

Just because 😂 🤣


As you can see I’m very specific with all 3 so there’s no room for distraction.  And of course, to keep me accountable (and so we can have delicious chats), I’ll be blogging about my progress as I go along.

I’m actually pretty excited 😀 Wish me luck!

And now what are YOUR goals for June? 🙂

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Monster Appetite and Lethargy: The Downsides of Exercising?

sleepy dog
Happy Monday peeps! I hope everyone’s off to a strong and positive start 🙂

Now let’s see … where do I start giving updates on my ‘motivated to move’ initiative for September? It’s difficult to think when you’re feeling lethargic o_O

Quick Progress Report:

The combination of exercise type variety and group class obligation has served me well the past week. I’ve been able to stick to my goal of doing two exercise types on most days by being mindful of combining high impact with medium to low impact workouts.


1. Exercising in the mornings makes me feel lethargic throughout the rest of the day.I don’t know if my body will adjust in due time, but for now, I need my coffee and noontime siesta. Badly!
2. Meal schedule has been thrown out of whack. Because of my group fitness classes, I now eat brunch and then a heavy snack mid-afternoon. And if I’m not careful, a very late dinner too!
3. My appetite has definitely increased. I half-expected this to happen though, what with the sudden increase in activity o_O
4. I munch the whole time. I alternate between craving sweets to salty food. I think this has much to do with the lethargy I feel the rest of the day.
5. There’s much less time for crochet 😥

So what’s the plan?

Moving for fitness is all well and good but if I am not mindful of what and how I eat, I am basically just shooting myself in the foot.

I am therefore going to focus on 2 things diet related this week:

❗ Prepare enough food the evenings prior so I can eat better (albeit warmed up food) the following day.

Leaving for the gym at 7:30 AM does not leave me enough time to prepare my own food. As well, I am usually too tired and hungry after a workout to even think of cooking. The result is that I reach for readily available junk food – refined carbs and heavily creamed/sugared coffee mostly – to fill my tank. This has to STOP! because it is only temporary relief from hunger and does not do me any favors, energy and weight -wise.

❗ 14 hours intermittent fasting.

This means no food after 6pm, and no food before 8am. This is just really disciplining myself to eat dinner earlier to facilitate better sleep, and so I can train my stomach to crave breakfast at around the same time each day.

And now comes the hard part – consistent application. Wish me luck you guys! 🙂

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Woo-hoo! The First of The “~ber” Months Has Arrived

Back home we always believed that once the first of the “~ber” months comes a’ knocking, December will be upon us in a blink.

Well, I hope not 🙂 I love to savor.  How about you?

So it’s that time of the month to do a review of previous month’s goals and here’s where I’m at:

1.  30 day plank challenge

Being a housewife/stay at home mom/ lady of leisure is no excuse BUT, I have become sedentary o_O

I took on the 30-day plank challenge as a last ditch effort to keep my abs in check because, here’s something you don’t know about me: I don’t care so much about the rest of my body, but having belly rolls is something my vanity just cannot allow 🙄

So I am somewhere around day 17-18 already where I need to hold my plank for 90 secs. The 1st 60 is okay, anything past that and I begin to shake 😀 But I’m getting there.


2. get a solid yoga foundation

I came as far as enrolling in a professionally designed online yoga class.  But then a nasty skin allergy on my foot derailed me.  I took it as the Universe telling me this wasn’t the way to go.  So this goal is on hold for now.

3. 6 new meals project

What 6 new meals project?! (LOL!) XD

4. finish the granny square blanket

It’s coming along nicely and should be done next week, the latest 🙂

5. indoor plants

potted plants

Britney and Jeanette seem to be doing okay.  But Eleanor (the tiny pink one) has shed leaves in the mean time. She still looks okay though, she still has 2 big leaves and 2 baby ones and doesn’t look dry or wilting. We’ll see in the next couple of days.

I like having plants around the house 🙂 I’m thinking of adding more, but I really want the flowering kind.  As you can see, my environment could use some color.

And yes, I already thought of making a doily for that table 😉

6. Finish a MOOC

Good Lord, I used to not have any problems sitting still and wolfing down information.  I used to be in Marketing for heavens sake! But now, I just can’t do it 😮

The course I’m taking is called Parenting In The Digital Age offered by Canvas Network.  It’s a very relevant course, and no doubt very well coordinated.  But I just can’t sit still to read! 😮 I get restless and I can’t even do 30 minutes without finding some excuse to stand up.

Moving on ~~~

New entrants

We have discovered a nice clubhouse with a gym and a swimming pool.  My daughter is now taking swimming lessons there and my husband got busy buffing himself. While accompanying my daughter I also met a nice lady who very enthusiastically invited me to join their Zumba class.  They also do yoga once a week.  Score! 😀

So I bought new swim wear and a skipping rope.  And because the 30 day plank challenge is proving to be really doable, I’m taking this on as well.

I will not go down the sedentary hole without a fight! 😛

And now it’s your turn!

What are you bringing into your life in sexy September? 🙂 ❤

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Mid-Month Crisis

image credit

Hello sexy people! Howdy-do? 🙂

Happy Tuesday to y’all ❤

Okay now, let’s see. We’re already halfway through August and I truly don’t feel like twiddling my thumbs waiting for September 1 to serve as my go-signal to get busy.

If you’ve been following me for a while you might have observed that I like to set goals at the start of each month.  I didn’t set anything concrete for August because my child began school and I thought I needed time to adjust to the new schedule.

Well, towards the end of last week I realized with a small hint of panic that I was starting to feel bored. And I sincerely dislike that feeling. Allowing myself to feel bored is to me akin to wasting time, wasting life.

That said, there I was with the sound of crickets in my headspace 🙄

Time to brainstorm!

After not a lot of hemming and hawing, here’s what I came up with:

  1.  do a 30-day plank challenge
  2. get a solid yoga foundation
  3. 6 new meals project
  4. finish this
  5. dip my toes in caring for indoor plants

and finally …

6. finish a MOOC

Ahhh, the smell of a crisp, new list! It’ll definitely give me focus, and this blog will give me motivation ❤

I’ll keep you posted 🙂

To do list for fun how to have fun and do funny things
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Monthly Reviews & Blog Updates

Wonderful July Achievables

sage advicePssst! Let me tell you something highly unpopular, I love Mondays! Especially 1st Mondays of the month, they always remind me to seize the month and make sure I’ve planned for ‘achievables’. Which is a wonderful way of being productive and having fun. The best part is that by December we have a slew of gold stars to review and inspire us for the next year…

Thank you for having allowed me to ramble! 😀 And now for my goals – for July I’ve chosen my goals to be portable/flexible since we might be doing some traveling. Here they are:


Finish my work-in-progress crochet shrug. I already have the width down pat, I’m just now working on the length since I want it to drape luxuriously over me a bit like this.


I also miss reading, which took a back seat to podcasts last month. So I want to read and review at least 2 books this month.


My body is craving some strength building exercises, and browsing videos on YouTube I’ve noticed that I’m drawn to gentle body weight exercises that also enhance balance and flexibility. It could be yoga, it could also be some type of cardi-yoga fusion. I plan to do a particular video 3 times per week, and I’ll keep myself accountable by – how else? – posting weekly reports on this sexy blog 😉

Well that’s July! And I’m pretty stoked about it 🙂

So now back at you: what are you bringing into your life in July?

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How Are We Doing?

good morning

Hello sexy people! Apa kabar? (Indonesian: How you doin’?).

Last week I invited you to add something new to your life in June. I also shared with you my 2 goals for the month – power walking 5 mornings/week, and making healthier breakfast choices.

So how did I do? Let’s see:

Power Walking Every Weekday Morning.

I did extremely well on this one 🙂 Not a day missed and not an ounce of difficulty establishing the routine. Well, I’m a morning lark to begin with and I’ve always preferred to exercise in the mornings so I guess I have a leg up on this one.

So since the 1st week went without struggle, I’m leveling up on this one as:

1. Set the alarm back 5 minutes to arrive earlier at the oval. This really isn’t necessary but I found that the earlier I get out of the house, the greater my enjoyment.

2. Follow/run along the Running Mate 5K101 podcast 3X this week. I’ve never jogged, let alone ran before, so I don’t know if I’m going to enjoy this. But their podcast intrigued me and it’s like having a coach guide you from couch to a 5K. I don’t see why not 🙂

Benefits Noticed:

1. Better sleep
2. More energy
3. Increased water intake throughout the day
4. My 4-week FB Reach program is a great complementary routine

Make healthier breakfast choices.

From brewed coffee & pastries to – diluted brewed coffee & a ham and cheese sandwich on quasi whole wheat bread. Not a huge departure I admit but, it tides me well over to lunch unlike the previous fare which had me hungry & cranky mid-morning.

Because of my walking routine, I want to keep my breakfasts simple and hassle-free. I also don’t want to skimp on taste. I might alternate the sandwich with hard-boiled eggs but since there really isn’t much to choose from this will have to do for now.

Benefits Noticed:

This goal has really forced me to look at what I eat the whole day, not just for breakfast. I observed my (bad) habit of not taking lunch seriously and realizing this is fuelling my afternoon cravings and appetite for dinner. I’ve also noticed our reliance on carbs – bread, pasta, rice – and I’m worrying this has started to adversely affect my weight.

Leveling Up:

I’ve started to stock up on veggies and if needed, since the veggies here wilt within the day, we’ll do groceries twice or thrice per week. The challenge now has shifted to eating 3 decent meals per day with vegetables at lunch and dinner.

So there you have it. As you can see, I feel very positive about these goals and am keen on leveling up to keep the momentum high.

How about you, how are you doing on your June goals? 🙂


Volunteer Vacations and Scary BHAG’s, Can You Relate?


I just chanced upon this site and was reminded once more of my long held intrigue for volunteer vacations.  This morning, excitement stirred up once again, I texted the link to a friend.  Her lukewarm response:  “Nice!  I’ll show this to a friend”, and then a while later, “I’ll give this to my bro”.

I replied – “Wait, let’s think about it.  Let’s actually give it some thought”.

And for good measure I later on added:  “Remember what they say – if it is to be, it is up to me”.

Have you ever felt excitement for something but somehow just filed whatever that was away in your mental “maybe later” bucket list without much thought?

Well for me, this is one of those.  And I understand why.  It’s a BHAG. It’s scary.  It’s overwhelming.

But today for some reason I dared scrutinize it. I replied to my friend: “I understand why we’ve been brushing it off despite fawning over the idea.  It’s too big.  So we must slice it down into bite sized pieces.  Let’s do something in Thailand for instance (since it’s near where I am), for perhaps just a week, or 2.  Let’s just pick something manageable and see what happens from there”.

And that gave us hope 🙂 In the grander scheme of volunteer vacationing, it might just be a speck.  We might even find out that the baby step is not feasible at the moment. But it’s a start.

What’s your BHAG?  Look it in the eye and chop it down.