WIP Wednesday: The Vaguely Candy Shaped Blanket

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This week and last I’ve been busy working on a blanket for the husband ❤ And it amuses me to think that after I made my 1st granny square blanket I actually mentally swore off making another such big project for a long, long, looong time.  And yet here I am. Proof that love conquers all. XD XD


I’m using a hybrid Alpaca-Viscose-Wool-Acrylic DK weight yarn in muted blue and red with a size 4 needle. I started out rather awkwardly since this is the largest size yarn & hook I’ve worked with so far but then became more comfortable as I went along.

The yarn has a nice feel to it – warm, gives good drape and has just that right amount of ‘pleasant roughness’ that’s not at all uncomfortable but is something you like to rub your skin against 🙂


I anticipate that the finished piece will have a bit of unevenness to its shape because I started out crocheting a huge square, stopped when I had the right width, and then continued on the 2 sides that would increase the length – hence, the candy shape allusion 😀

If I have enough yarn left, I’ll crochet a border to even it out. Although honestly, I don’t mind it though, it’s oddly endearing ❤ 🙄


And you, what lovely stuff are you creating? 🙂


Beads, Buttons, Ribbons, Oh my!

I found some fun stuff on a recent trip to Malaysia 🙂 Incidentally, I didn’t go treasure hunting for souvenir items as any normal, sane tourist would do.  I rummaged amongst the aisles of a DIY shop instead and found these ~

A handheld sewing machine!

Now why would I buy this when sewing is a siren call that I am absolutely deaf to … ? Or, am I? 😛 I saw it way down on the bottom-est rack and it was quite cheap so I put it in my basket.

I don’t know how to use it. There’s no manual, or spare parts, we just tested if it would come alive with batteries 🙄 Maybe its purpose is to inspire me to sew or maybe it will become a craftsy paperweight.  It looks promising, let’s leave it at that for now 😀

A paint by numbers kit!

I was inspired by my daughter’s and when I saw this at a low price I didn’t hesitate ❤

And here are some lovely ribbons, beads and buttons ❤

IDK, again, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them but I’m thinking I could use these for my fashion doll clothes.

beads, buttons and ribbons

As well, I was inspired by a lady somewhere here on WP who collects buttons.  So I’m starting my own collection 🙂 ❤

button collector

Create happy! ❤️‍

~  Paardje 💋‍



I’ve Been Drooling …

crochet duckSo now that the move to Indonesia has happened and my family is in one place I am finally taking stock of the domestic life.  But let’s set aside the antics that happen in the kitchen for now and focus on something my heart is more fond of – crafting ❤

My go-to crafts have always been crochet and cross-stitching but I’ve never had the time to indulge in them as much as I would have wanted to. Now that I have the time freedom to do so however, my hands are itching for a project.  Alas, I’ll have to wait until our next trip to Singapore to stock up on required supplies 😦

To quench my excitement in the meantime I hopped around on some crochet blogs (cross-stich will come next!) and feasted myself on all the creations and possibilities.  Here are just some drool-worthy yarnspirations I found:

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Have your own flowers around no matter the season with this absolutely lovely floral blanket from With My Handz.

Are you a Harry Potter fan?  Here’s a cutie Dumbledore for your finger by Quill Alley 🙂

I just love the pineapple stitch design, and here are 2 beautiful projects that use it artfully:  in a lacy cover-up found on Crafting While Anxious and as an attractive bicycle skirt guard (of all places!) featured on The Golden Skein.

Here’s a comfy blooming flower cushion just recently completed by Vicki on Vickithecraftaholic.

How about a mesmerizing Sophie’s Universe CAL project (yay, a new addition to my crafting vocab: Crochet ALong) over at Connie’s Creations.

And just look at the bedazzling colors and creations over here at Weaving ArtInspirational, no?  I especially love the flower 🙂

Speaking of colors, I lost myself swimming in a bright sea of it over here at Babylovebrand.

~~ 0 ~~


I found a lot more but had to stop as my stomach was angry for some food. LOL!  I can’t wait to get my supplies and start my own project.  There’s something about crafting that’s soothing and satisfying, and I’m excited to indulge in that feeling again soon 🙂

How about you?  Are you into arts & crafts?  How do you honor and express your creativity?