Tuesday Trivia

“Profound Wisdom” Gained While The Internet Was Down


A little dystopia, anyone? 😳

No sooner had I declared my first weekly challenge for April when the internet – my connection to the outside world, my muse, my source of everything – went out. At first I thought it’d be for just an hour or two but – it lasted 27 agonizing hours.

The horror! 😮

I experienced withdrawal symptoms, I’ll tell you that. I rely so much on the internet for everything – even the radio station I listen to every morning – that when it was gone it felt like I was in real solitary confinement.

Battling severe annoyance I resolved to be the bigger person (or thing) and use it as inspiration for a blog post. (Ha!)

So please find hereunder listed the profound wisdom I gained from those debilitating 27 hours sans connection o_O

  1.  Don’t get everything from one provider – landline phone, cable TV, internet.

Getting everything from one provider is just plain s#*&! … err, not smart. It’s like your friends decided to abandon you all at the same time and you’re left there with just deafening silence.

 2.  This is for those who, like me, are on prepaid mobile phone credits: make sure your phone is loaded. Or know where to buy some. And make sure you have money on hand to do so.

So you can call or text somebody and know that you are not alone.

3.  Always download unto laptop whatever it is you are working on that is otherwise internet dependent  – crochet projects, exercise videos & such.

I could only work on my crochet project up to a certain number of rows before I found myself unable to proceed because the pattern was on the net.  Ugh!

I could not do my wheel pose exercises because there was no YouTube.  Ugh!

My strength training exercises were only half as fun because my workout music is a playlist on YouTube. Ugh!

4.  You will experience symptoms of withdrawal – do not go into the light!

Read, organize closets, do not sulk or dwell, just divert attention anywhere but on the problem at hand.

Easier said than done but really, what else can you do?

5.  Cultivate a life away from your internet-dependent tech gadgets so that you are prepared when it happens.

I do try 😳

So there – learn from my experience, people!!! 😲

Now where was I?

Oh, the wheel pose – I’m behind by 2 days now for Pete’s sake! :/ :/