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Finding Your Best Qualities

I am really liking this idea for my husband for Father’s Day. Make a list of 20 qualities you like about your husband/father – doesn’t cost much but is sure to be treasured for life. Serve it with his morning cup of coffee ❤

And why not make one for yourself too. Go on, love yourself! 😉

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Write a list of 20 adjectives about yourself that describe qualities you have and like.

Choose a friend, write a list describing them. Ask them to write one about you.

Repeat with several people that know you well.

See how many things come up in common between the lists of your friends.

These may be your strongest characteristics or they may be the ones you have the greatest opportunity to show.

Did any qualities come up on your frinds’ lists about you, that you did not have about yourself?

If the qualities are true, then add them to your lists.

Finding out your wonderful, valuable qualities is a great thing to do. It will help you to combat negative thoughts.

Knowing your great qualities will help boost your self esteem. All highly successful people are well aware of their strengths and their valued qualities.

Now, think about all of the…

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