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March Wrap-Up

March Wrap-Up

What a strange time the marvelous month of March was for me! If I had words for it, they would be restless, bored, pensive. March was my birthday month.  Aside from that I also felt that I was holding my breath for April.

❓ The birthday I did not celebrate.

It’s one of those milestone birthdays. A decade older and totally clueless about what to do with it.  I had asked myself several times how (aside from the special dinner) I wanted to celebrate but ended up with a blank each time.

I wasn’t feeling sorry or sad for myself or anything like that, it was more like options paralysis – I was feeling very grateful for all the things I already have that I couldn’t think of one particular way to celebrate. (I warned you this month was ‘strange’!).

Plus I realized that if I truly wanted to celebrate outwardly, then this entire year is a celebration of my birthday – starting with finally quitting work back in January.  Now top that! (Ooops, I smell a year-ender blog post in the making!) 🙂

❗ Nervous energy galore.

Sweeping generalization: all I could really focus on in March were my video games because I was restless. I even took to exercising twice a day (and we all know how this turned out!).  March was undoubtedly affected by the family’s upcoming move to another country.  It’s exciting, and I’m so looking forward to it.  But I also feel sad for the things I love that will be left behind 😦

❗ The clutter in our lives.

The process of ‘leaving behind’ has my thoughts going to all the excess ‘stuff’ that we accumulate in all or most areas of our lives. There are tonnes of books and websites about getting rid of excess but I have yet to find one about avoiding the accumulation of ‘stuff’ to begin with.  (If you know of something, please let me know).

So right now I have things like creating capsule wardrobes, making lists of essential bath/toiletry/make-up items and this golden rule of “you only need one” that I’m hoping will help ward off clutter moving forward. I also find Gretchen Rubin’s happiness quote very helpful:

If money is to enhance your happiness, it must be used to support aspects of life that themselves bring happiness to you.

❓ Boredom and hobby-envy.

I knew when I quit work in January that a time of temporary boredom would befall me as part of transitioning to becoming a domestic goddess – it came to me in March. Finally the infatuated bliss of freedom I felt in January and February settled down and I was confronted with time and opportunity.

Rather unfortunately though, I am also faced with limited time in the sense that the family will be moving to another country pretty soon, so anything I want to get into is shot down with a “you’ll just be accumulating more stuff you have to leave behind“. 😕

It’s not a fun place to be in, truthfully.  It feels to me like I’m putting the present on hold for the future.  I’m still feeling envious of a friend who’s enthusiastically throwing herself into terrariums, dream catchers and watercolor painting :/

💡 Blogging reflects what is going on in your life (to a certain extent at least).

Another lesson learned 🙂

I was (admittedly) a lazy blogger in March because:

1) coming off of my self-imposed post-every-weekday challenge in February, my immediate reaction when March rolled in was to relax, and

2) pretty much nothing interesting was happening in my personal life because as mentioned, I am in a ‘waiting to exhale’ mode.


That said, I still managed to rake up some shimmering stars for my birthday month:

⭐ I reached 500 likes on the 13th 🙂

⭐ I received another blog nomination on the 16th 🙂

⭐ I reached 200+ followers on the 18th 🙂

⭐ finished and passed the Origins of Crime online course (Open2Study)

⭐ finished and passed There’s No Place Like Home online course  (Udemy)

⭐ came to terms with the role of diet and exercise in my life

⭐ learned that my natural inclination is towards physical and mental hobbies as opposed to creative hobbies

 ~~ O ~~

And now on to you 🙂 How was March for you? You must have accumulated some stars too!  Bring my comments fields alive by sharing them – pretty please! 🙂



I Am Miss Congeniality!

Did that title catch your attention/curiosity?  Good! 🙂

I just finished gazing dreamily at this yellow WordPress badge that tells me I’ve received 500 likes on this blog.

Yay! 500! I’m doing the legendary Dance of Joy – all by myself.  Lucky nobody can see me 😉


❤ Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! ❤


Pretty P.S.  Can someone recommend a reliable and free screen grab app that I can just download from the net?  I had one on my previous laptop but unfortunately not on this one :/

~ Paardje 💋

Monthly Reviews & Blog Updates

February Wrap-Up

February Wrap-Up

Well what do you know, March is upon us – it’s also my birthday month and I have absolutely no idea yet how I’m going to celebrate.  Any suggestions?

Anyhow, did you get some stars under your belt in February?  I’m pretty sure you have! It would be such a blast if you could share some in the comments below 🙂 C’mmon, share!

While you’re thinking, allow me to warm this up with my own report.

For February I ~

⭐ Successfully established the habit of starting each day with a tall glass of warm lemon water.

⭐ Successfully established a morning routine that I am quite happy with.  Morning routines are very important, and because I only recently stopped working, I needed to establish a new start to my day. I’ll tell you more about this in a later post.

⭐ Messaged/texted my husband ‘good night’ and ‘I love you’ every evening of the month.

My husband is based abroad and sometimes I take cordial greetings like ‘good morning’, ‘good night’ or even just a ‘hey there, handsome!’ for granted :/ Since February is the love month, I wanted to be consistent with at least 1 daily greeting. I chose an end of day greeting for this initiative.

I was consistent, and I’m happy this is continuing to date 🙂 The only times I missed greeting my husband ‘good night’ was 1, when my phone went kapot and the other 2 times when I was still starting and the habit hadn’t stuck yet.  But this is a win fo sho!

⭐ Blogged every weekday of February. (And I give myself bonus points for posting on weekends) 😀

When I set out to blog I didn’t really plan on posting every day.  I thought it would be difficult and must require a lot of discipline plus, I was already overwhelmed just thinking of what to blog about.  But I set it as a challenge for February nevertheless.  To help me along I came up with weeklies like “Pebbles of Wisdom” every Monday, Wordless Wednesdays, Funny Fridays and Learn Something New features.

As expected, I learned a lot in the process (some weeklies will be continued, others not, still others tweaked). And the Universe apparently was also pleased with my efforts by blessing me with:

⭐ A nomination for Versatile Blogger Award on the 4th

⭐ I made my 100th post on the 24th  🙂

~~~~ THANK YOU to all who visit this blog and leave footprints and especially those who give the extra ❤ by following this blog.  I APPRECIATE YOU ALL SO MUCH! ~~~~

In addition, I have gotten much more comfortable blogging and sharing a bit of myself (this is a huge deal for me). I look forward to getting better as time goes by 🙂

⭐ Read 4 books – The Secrets of Happy Families by Bruce Feiler, Why Do I Love These People? by Po Bronson, The Servant’s Tale (fiction) and The Witch’ Tale (fiction) both by Margaret Frazer.

⭐ Exercised 19 times this month (goal is 20).  Moving forward though I don’t know if I should keep giving myself stars for this as this is now a part of my morning routine.  Or, maybe I will but only on those months where sticking to a routine is almost impossible like, December.

⭐ Started the following projects –

30 day yoga with Erin Motz

Understanding the Origins of Crime (online course)


I also tried but failed to:

🙄 Meditate. Something about meditating just keeps eluding me 😦 I also had this to contend with that made it all the more difficult.

🙄 Establish an evening routine.


 ~~ O ~~

And there you have it, my stars for February.  Now it’s your turn!  🙂 Share! Share!

~ Paardje 💋


Do You Have A Favorite Day of The Week?

Thursday afternoonsMine is Thursday. It’s not quite the weekend yet but you’re just a breath away.  There’s no double-crazy traffic and none of that spent-from-the-week-I’m-a-zombie-right-now-and-looking-forward-to-decompress-over-the-weekend feeling yet.  Just excited anticipation.

What’s your favorite day of the week?


If It Itches Like Crazy

Sometime November last year I developed these itchy rashes on both my wrists.  It wasn’t a mystery to me that they were because of some old fashion accessories that I dusted off and wore those few days.  I didn’t think much of those rashes then especially since tea tree oil seemed to make them better.  I just stopped wearing those bracelets.

The rashes would subside to the point where they would almost be gone.  But then I’d wake up in the middle of the night with an incredible, undeniable itch that I just had to scratch in order to relieve myself! 😟 This would inflame the almost-gone rashes and I’d reach for whatever was available to assuage the ensuing burn that would inevitably follow. (Try rubbing vigorously with a towel on an itchy rash and you’ll see what I mean.  Or no wait, DON’T do that!)

The following morning, I’d have an angry rash on each of my wrist, wider and seemingly with more attitude than its predecessors.  Again I would ‘manage’ them with whatever I was able to douse them with – vapor rubs, mentholatum, my tea tree oil, rubbing alcohol, perfume ….

This went on for a few more times (I’m SO gullible, right?) 😬 Finally the other week I bought an OTC anti-fungal cream and applied it on the rashes thinking it would be the end of these pesky things.  Man, was that wrong!! o_O

Last week found me in panic mode, shutting myself off from society, because of 2 angry and incredibly inflamed rashes, much much wider than they ever were and – wait for it – oozing clear liquid like it was nobody’s business!! 😮

Holy Mother of God! I was rotting away before my very eyes! (Wailing dramatically) 😭

I (finally, finally,finally) went to a dermatologist who immediately put me on antibiotics and sent me home with a special allergy cream, an anti-bacterial cream and a week’s worth of anti-itch capsules that I had to take at bedtime. War was finally declared.

At this point I no longer feel ashamed to show you the battlegrounds:


I feel the need to save some face here by pointing out that the rashes started out in size as just a 4th of what you see in the picture. I was tricked into thinking they would play nice.  How fooled I was! Thankfully, I responded well and immediately to the meds and in just 2 days the rashes dried up and began the serious process of healing. 😌

What I want YOU to take away from this:

Skin allergy can be caused by food, drugs, inhalants (pollen), contactants or infections with fungus, viruses or bacteria.  The exact cause of the skin allergy should be determined to make treatment effective.  See your doctor as soon as possible!

In the mean time, avoid applying the following to the rashes:

– vapor rubs, mentholatums, coconut oil, body lotions/creams, rubbing alcohol, penicillin, gasoline, ointments, perfumes/colognes.

Stay away from:

– rubber, nylon, silk, wool, kapok, molds, fungus, dust, insecticides, fertilizers, dogs, cats, feathered animals, rugs & carpets, grass & flowers

In addition:

– avoid warm conditions that stimulate perspiration

– use only mild soaps or hypo-allergenic soaps on the affected area

– avoid emotional stress and tension

– use ice cold compress on itchy areas.