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Honoring What I Love [With An Adjustment]

I have a Kindle fire tablet that I’ve had since early 2012.Β  There are already a gazillion books on there but, honestly, I use it for games 80% of the time 😏 Recently when I asked my daughter whether she … Continue reading

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Wiser And Braver For It: A Post-Melbourne Update (Part 2)

In part 1Β of this story I shared a bit of our (short) job hunting experience in Melbourne, and how I felt somewhat guilty watching my husband go through the process. But this wasn’t the only reason I agreed to come … Continue reading

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A Poignant Loss, Something to be Happy About & Christmas Greetings

Howdy beautiful people! 😘 Did anyone out there miss me? πŸ˜‚ Our master bedroom is a huge mess right now. I am surrounded by scattered mountains of stuff that need to be packed into already burgeoning suitcases when .. my … Continue reading

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I Thought I Couldn’t Have Another Baby Anymore?!! πŸ™ƒ

Hello beautiful people! πŸ™‚ ❀ It’s been a while. I’m pregnant you know. Yes, 9 weeks already (approximately). Dan-dan-daaaaaaaan!!! πŸ€— πŸ€— I had NO idea. At all! First off, my fallopian tubes are blocked. When I had my daughter (B1 … Continue reading

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It’s Never Too Early πŸŒž

Hello all! Happy Monday! 🌞🌞 What one good thing will you do/start today? For me the answer is: delving into a topic of interest! One of the perks of being a SAHM is the wonderful opportunity to indulge in the … Continue reading

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The Sneaky Little Thing That’s Preventing Me From Finding A Job

I have this friend that is often the hapless beneficiary of my rants and confessions about the isolation of my life as an introvert expat SAHM (in a quiet, small city in a non-English speaking foreign country – sorry, I … Continue reading

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Odd-Photo Prompt: Brains In My Lawn

I’ve been going through my phone’s photo album and realized that, not only do I take quadruplicate shots, I take so many pictures of odd, random stuff πŸ€” Do you do this too? Most of the time I do it … Continue reading

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