And Her Name Shall Be “Eve” 🎆 🎆 🎆

And she shall be a teacher ❤ ❤ ❤

I did it everyone! I finally, finally finished my very first sweater – as a matter of fact (wags pointer finger obnoxiously in your face 😉😉) my very first knitted project!

Ta-daaaaah! (Sorry for the picture quality, it’s been one rainy day after the other over here):

And I shall name her “Eve”!

(Loud thunder clap proclaims the Universe’s approval!😀😀)

Eve is a very effective teacher because she has quite a few imperfections – shall I say instead – wonderful lessons that I couldn’t have learned otherwise.  See here:

Loose ending (last) stitches at both sides of the neck opening:

Misaligned rows (ehehehehe! 😀😀)


Shoulder seaming that needs to be done cleaner moving forward:

shoulder seam

There’s also the underside of one sleeve that I seamed differently — not with the mattress stitch but rather with some kind of alien stitch form from outer space — and the result is … ehehehehe! 😀😀 (I’m not showing a picture here because my pride cannot take anymore embarrassment! 😀😀😀😀)

But I love her! 💘💘💘

Eve’s style is loose and is supposed to be worn over body-fit tops. He sleeves are 3/4ths in length which is perfect for when you just find rolling up sleeves to be such a hassle.

When I decided to go for a sweater as my introduction to knitting I knew I couldn’t set my standards too high. Other than choosing a very simple beginner’s pattern, I had to accept beforehand that the finished product would be far less than perfect and that I would probably only wear it at home or to the corner boulangerie at most.

(This picture in my head is not in Indonesia of course but somewhere the climate is conducive to wearing sweaters. Although Indonesians do wear sweaters and jackets despite the very hot climate … I’ll never understand why or how they manage but, I digress 😀😀).

So, that’s Eve for you and I’m very pleased (and relieved) about how she turned out anyways. 😄😄

I also managed to crochet another shell bag as a de-stresser in between all that seaming 😂😂😂

quick shell tote bag

Not bad eh? 😀 😀

Lastly, check out my amazing dance moves in my celebratory dance:

I slay it each time! 😉😎😉