Staying Sane

Go Outside

I remember having listened to a health podcast last Friday where a well-renowned MD was sharing a story about how he almost lost his young son due to Vit D deficiency. And since Vit D is something you get from sunlight, it immediately reminded me of one of the pillars of keeping sane while being a SAHM – go outside.

Fortunately for me, there’s a temporarily re-purposed (still vacant for many years now) residential area within walking distance from where we live which I’ve taken to calling “the oval”. This was our destination last Friday.

So off I take the girls for what we expected to be a pleasant & relaxing afternoon stroll.

Unfortunately, the walk to the oval was anything but pleasant & relaxing. It was basically an obstacle course 😱

Yes, I went back just to snap this picture of a beautiful work of art 😤😤 The dried palm frond does unmistakably call to mind the letter “L” for the loser who did all this 🤬
You do see there is ample space for the garbage along the sides of the footpath, don’t you?
obstacle 1
Then why place all the garbage ON the footpath? Whyyyyy??? 😖

All this navigating around trash was annoying, not to mention really tiring with a stroller, and I was truly irked at the lack of common sense by whoever did this.

But we somehow made it.

the oval
Aaaaah, finally!

But we were SO tired that we needed to rest.

a space to rest
Never mind the itchy, dry grass, I was tired 😫
riri and mom
Riri and mom ❤️

All was right again in paradise until 2 rowdy boys decided to kick around a ball in the same space we were in 🤯🤯🤯 I kept looking at them in the hopes they’d get the message – I’m with a baby for goodness’ sakes! – but noooo, they remained oblivious to me and my eldest’ worried glances. It reminded me of author Elizabeth Pisani’s comment in her historical fiction about Indonesia that Indonesian children are misbehaved. Well, I certainly wasn’t going to put up an argument considering what was just happening 😤😤

My thoughts were escalating from upset to murderous so we decided to hit the asphalt and try to get a decent walk out of it before we went through the obstacle course again on our way home.

cotton candy cloud
Cotton candy on the horizon.

Holy sh*t, I was tired, sore and miffed upon arriving home. I am so out of shape that the walk and all that navigating around obstacles with a stroller really made my abdominal muscles sore. I might have gotten us some Vit D but I sure need to do something about my lack of fitness!

Okay, I had good intentions and, at least I tried. For the sake of sanity 😉

Fitness & Vanities

Day 8 in Indonesia: Some Ranting And A Beautiful Oval Track


My alter-ego Crankyrella has been making quite a lot of appearances this past week on account of feeling homesick.  I’m keeping it together on the surface (like a lady should) but I noticed I’m irritable. Change can make me lose my zen like that, I admit 😖

Tops on my list of cryptonite is the language barrier which is making me feel claustrophobic. Of course I knew Indonesia speaks a different language but I was expecting a little English somehow.  Well, that is not to be (at least, not in this part it seems) and I have resigned myself to the fact that my husband will have to explain everything the next time I go for a bikini wax as I am doubtful my translator app will be,shall we say,technically precise enough.

Fortunately, I get a little bit more settled as each day goes by and, mayhaps the weather has something to do with it too as it’s finally a bit sunny this morning.

Anyhow, I believe my sour mood is also aggravated by the total absence of exercise, I have been missing my daily shot of feel-good endorphins for a bit of a stretch now. I was thus very pleased to find out that this subdivision has a generous sized oval dedicated to walking, jogging, running, even biking. What’s more, it’s within short walking distance from our place.  Score! 🙂

oval track 2

I absolutely love it! The openness of the oval lifts my spirits and allows my eyes to roam luxuriously over the surrounding hills and the wide open sky ❤oval track 1I am glad to have found a perfect alternative to my home workouts.  And who knows, maybe I can make a friend or two as I get more comfortable.  At the minimum, I’m sure the daily treat of fresh, balmy afternoon air will soon lift me out of this funk 😉