Tuesday Trivia

Odd-Photo Prompt #2: Self-Help

Sometimes, a group of words can come at such the right moment that I just have to take a screenshot of it for repeat reading throughout the day.

I don’t have a lot of these but since the words aren’t as powerful to me anymore, this is another one for deletion from my iPhone’s treasury of odd photos (and screenshots).

But before that, maybe some of you might like it too so here it is:



Just Some Quick Reminders

The quality of our life comes down to the
quality of the people and experiences that fill it.

~ Scott Dinsmore


1. Take action.
2. Show up.
3. Lean into it.
4. Start anywhere.
5. Keep busy.
6. Get out more.
7. Ask for help.
8. Shake more hands.
9. Give more hugs.
10. Don’t stop.
~ Message from The Universe


Your prison is a product of your own creation.

~ Dumb Little Man


God loves me.
This too will pass.
Be grateful—if not for all things then in all things.
Do the next right thing.
Don’t push myself too hard.
Get plenty of rest.
Prayer matters.
  ~ Michael Hyatt


30 Dr. Seuss Quotes That Can Change Your Life

Quotes are a lot of fun and can really help the decision-making process when referred to at the right time.  My experience is that often it’s the simplest quotes that are the most potent and memorable.  Here’s something I was really delighted to find floating about on the internet.  I couldn’t resist getting a copy for this blog 🙂

My favorites are #3 and 11Which one is yours?