Where To Study Online for Free

comic-383541_640For a while now I’ve been having a love affair with free online courses and I feel truly blessed for the opportunity to no longer have to pay a brick and mortar institute to get my cup of knowledge refilled.  If there’s an internet connection, there’s a cheap and convenient way!

Just recently I finished (and passed!) an online course about the Origins of Crime where I learned (aside from this and many others) that the most common type of homicide are those committed by 2 males fighting over status (a.k.a. bar fights), and that venting your anger frequently actually makes you more aggressive in the long run – and not the other way around as most of us were led to believe.

I also greatly improved my puny (although I say that with much love 😉 ) cooking skills via this heaven-sent cooking school.  And just a while ago I learned some timely tips on relocation and how to create the perfect sanctuary to call home via Laurie Gardner’s There’s No Place Like Home.  (I found it really interesting to learn that animals have this very simple rule in choosing where to live, they simply:  adapt, migrate or die).

And all that and more for free 👍

So maybe you’re like me and feel the need to indulge your inner eternal student 🙂 Here are some sites I can recommend, in no particular order.  Please note that some of these sites might ask you to pay for certain (but definitely not all) courses.

Coursera. Coursera provides universal access to the world’s best education, partnering with top universities and organizations to offer courses for anyone to take, for free.

Udemy. Udemy’s mission is to help anyone learn anything.

Open2Study.  Just click on the ‘free courses’ tab at the top of the landing page.

edX.  There’s a free ‘Science of Happiness’ course that I’m itching to take next! ❤

Academic Earth.  They’ll help you find courses, but I go straight to this extremely enlightening page of curated playlists.

And although I’ve never run out of options yet, I also visit Class Central for help finding courses every once in a while.  (I’m the type who just likes to line a lot of options up).

So there’s absolutely no lack of options.  Squeal! 😀

How about you?  Have you ever learned something online for free?  Do you know of any other sites we could add to this list?

~ Paardje 💋

4 thoughts on “Where To Study Online for Free”

    1. OMG, I love the cartoon! Thank you so much for sharing it. It moved me and made me feel good about being an ‘eternal student’. When I grow up I definitely want to be like that woman in the cartoon! 😀

      I love Coursera too. Coursera was my first online study experience (not counting tutorials on YouTube) 🙂

      And you are taking astronomy? You are full of surprises!


      1. I am so glad that you were as inspired as I was! And yes I love astronomy, but I don’t have time to add it to my curriculum – so I am taking it for fun online! 🙂 There is still so much I want to learn about.

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