Apologies To All The Blogs I Thought I Was Following

smiley-1271125_960_720Once upon a time in the not so distant past, I “spring cleaned” my reader.  I removed a handful of blogs that were no longer active (an error page pops up when you visit them saying the blog hasn’t been updated for some time), those which links also led to an error message (saying something about a transfer or the blog no longer being there) and lastly, those which did not resonate with me (when I started out I went crazy-indiscriminate with the follows).

I did the spring cleaning because I really want to build a community and I want to engage with (become friends with) like-minded bloggers and those whose writing I just really like.

Lately though I’ve noticed that only a few followed blogs make it to my reader. So I started hunting down the recent ones I followed and was confused to find out that I still wasn’t following them. Very strange 🤔🤔🤔 There’s one blog that I keep re-following until I finally realized I wasn’t hormonal, something was amiss!

So I finally try to raise the matter with the “experts”, one responded that he was going to escalate the problem to the more expert, Expert, who has in turn not responded yet until now.

So I try to see if maybe there are others who have experienced the same problem and, indeed there have been.


It turns out that you can be “banned” from following blogs if or when you are too spirited with your spring cleaning. Apparently there’s a certain threshold number of blogs that you can un-follow at one single time and if you exceed this limit, this triggers something in the system which gets you banned. Such spirited spring cleaning behavior is attributed to bots and others of such shady behavior.

So as of this writing, I am still waiting to be un-banned. Apparently only Prof. Dumbledore can undo the hex.


Has anyone of you experienced this too? How long did it take to resolve, if ever?


32 thoughts on “Apologies To All The Blogs I Thought I Was Following”

  1. It happened to me a few months ago. I posted about it in the support forum, and they had it fixed for me the next day, I think. Hopefully they will get you unbanned quickly!

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  2. I had no idea. The ones I follow, and actually read, are either emailed to me or show up in Bloglovin. If they only go to my WordPress app I never remember to look in there!

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  3. I didn’t know this happens. Thanks for the tip. I have some followers that are no longer active but I haven’t Spring cleaned yet, my daughter keeps up on my websites and blogs so I will have to tell her about this. I write and photograph my posts but she is my editor.

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    1. You’re welcome 🙂 They have it fixed now though and I think it gets faster attention if you open a discussion thread for it over at WP support.


    1. I know! But maybe they have their reasons? Fortunately they’ve fixed it now (yay! 🤗). It’s best if you create a discussion thread for it over at support though, I think it gets faster attention that way.

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  4. That happened to me some months ago. I couldn’t follow anyone else because “my reader was full” or something to that effect. I went and deleted blogs that were no longer active and cleaned up. I do hope that I haven’t unfollowed any blogs 😦 I will have to check on it. Thanks for the alert 🙂

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  5. Oh my! timely posting! I haven’t been so active with my blogs lately (hope you didn’t get an error message for mine 😦 ), so I was thinking of doing a little spring-cleaning as well.
    I’ll keep this in mind when I actually get around to reviewing my follows – maybe delete a couple a week, or something like that.

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  6. I’m so glad you were able to figure out what happened … this sort of unexplained phenomena would drive me crazy!

    I do periodic spring-cleaning as well as I relish the chance to reconnect with some folks which I may not have had contact with in a while. Given your experience, I will remember not to be too enthusiastic!

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    1. Yes they did about 2 or 3 days after I raised the issue. But I think it gets attention faster if you raise it in the forums.


  7. Wow I wasn’t aware that this happened. I usually click on the box notify me when new posts happen or something to that affect. I’m on wordpress.com also. It will make me more aware now. Thanks for the update.

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