Beads, Buttons, Ribbons, Oh my!

I found some fun stuff on a recent trip to Malaysia 🙂 Incidentally, I didn’t go treasure hunting for souvenir items as any normal, sane tourist would do.  I rummaged amongst the aisles of a DIY shop instead and found these ~

A handheld sewing machine!

Now why would I buy this when sewing is a siren call that I am absolutely deaf to … ? Or, am I? 😛 I saw it way down on the bottom-est rack and it was quite cheap so I put it in my basket.

I don’t know how to use it. There’s no manual, or spare parts, we just tested if it would come alive with batteries 🙄 Maybe its purpose is to inspire me to sew or maybe it will become a craftsy paperweight.  It looks promising, let’s leave it at that for now 😀

A paint by numbers kit!

I was inspired by my daughter’s and when I saw this at a low price I didn’t hesitate ❤

And here are some lovely ribbons, beads and buttons ❤

IDK, again, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them but I’m thinking I could use these for my fashion doll clothes.

beads, buttons and ribbons

As well, I was inspired by a lady somewhere here on WP who collects buttons.  So I’m starting my own collection 🙂 ❤

button collector

Create happy! ❤️‍

~  Paardje 💋‍


12 thoughts on “Beads, Buttons, Ribbons, Oh my!”

  1. I love them they are so pretty! What a nice idea to go shopping for craft supply on holiday! Then you can make something that will always remind you of the place you went to. So lovely!

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  2. If you are a papercrafter, I have seen people use those little sewing machines for stitching papers together for scrapbooking, or to stitch paper circles or other shapes together to make garland for cards, scrapbook pages or decorating. I an sure you will find something to do with it. Sounds like you had a fun shopping trip. Love the start of your button collection. Cute flowers.

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  3. …a hand sewing machine? This really made me smile 😀 You’ll HAVE to tell us what it’s like to sew with it if you figured out how to use it 😀 !!! Can’t believe there is such a thing 🙂 I’d love to have a real one but for now there’s no room for that (…really? *lol*) so I’ll have to clear out more to make room for one… some day… ❤
    Buttons are fantastic! You could even decorate the jar with masking tape or ribbons ❤ I keep mine in an old vintage jar I found in the Brocki. Children love sorting them out and playing with them. It's a handy "toy" to have around 😉

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    1. Good Lord, you might have to wait a long time! LOL! 😀

      The more I think of it the scarier it gets. The only sewing I like is cross-stitching 🙄

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