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Last Minute 2017 Goals


Hi everyone! How y’all doin? πŸ‘‹

There’s only about 2 weeks left of 2017 and I guess everybody’s gearing up for maximum holiday enjoyment, right? Unfortunately for us, we have to stay in sleepy Batam for Christmas since the baby has no passport yet ☹️☹️ This really is a bummerΒ  for me who, unlike the eldest and the hubs who get a break from school and work, could really benefit from a change in pace & scenery.

Oh well, all the better to make up for this in 2018 then.

The urge to mope is very strong but I’ve chosen instead to end the year strong by doubling down on some goals for the remaining 2 weeks:

  1. Break-fast like a champion

This book said that if you find yourself procrastinating on a goal, chances are, that goal is too big and must be broken down into smaller pieces. So wise! 😏

For weeks now I’ve attempted in vain to do something about my diet (or lack thereof). I am saddled with post-natal weight (& cellulite! 😱😱😱) that I am anxious to be rid of. Unfortunately, all my strategies and tricks in the past just won’t work – sleep deprivation, breastfeeding and buying food from the outside (instead of hiring a nanny I chose not to cook instead) undermine my efforts.

But there must be something I can do, right? If only to feel some semblance of control?

My initial goal was to start cooking again so I’d have more control over what we ate.Β  But this is just not something I want to take on at this time with the baby basically running my day. Then IΒ  thought of cutting out carbs later in the day and well, anybody who’s breastfeeding probably knows how crazy that is. I think I thought of cutting out junkfood too but I don’t really eat that much of it so the move didn’t feel like enough …

Anyway, I finally had the brilliant idea of focusing on one meal instead, and doing that right. And since mornings provide the most self-control and sets the tone for the day, breakfast was a logical choice.

So the goal now reads: eat a solid breakfast before feeling ravenous every single day.

2.Β  Do Post natal abdominal-muscle-recovery exercises every Monday, Wednesday & Friday

I’m already past the 2-months waiting period for getting back to exercise and I’m rearing to go.Β  Luckily, I came across the idea of post-natal abdominal strengthening/recovery exercises before starting anything (well, this isn’t 100% true! πŸ€₯) or else I’d have set myself up for some self-inflicted damage.

I’m not a big fan of 1) slow exercises and 2) those that you do lying down, so this is a real challenge for me. But I want to get back to my original shape and this is standing in the way so … big girl panties on!


3.Β  Seriously Bond with Eldest

I’ve been nagged by a feeling of having neglected my eldest since the baby’s arrival and still feel that I can do better in this area. A recent incident at her school (we’ll talk about this in a separate post) drove this goal to the top of my priority list.

Fortunately today marks the start of a 3-week school break which gives us plenty of time to bond. The bonding activities might be partially motivated by something juicy (like I said, I’ll tell you later!) but it’s there and I’m taking advantage of it.

So for these 3 weeks, Eldest gets a lot of spotlight.


Aaaaand yes, that’s all for now. Wish me luck! I better do those exercises while baby is still slumbering 😁 Updates in the next upcoming posts! Mmmwah! πŸ’‹


15 thoughts on “Last Minute 2017 Goals”

  1. You sound quite organized to me. And definitely making the most out of your current parameters. Proud of your good attitude. So sorry you can’t travel yet. But I know you’ll have a marvelous Christmas anyway.

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  2. Ooh, a pretty new look for your blog! Great goals for 2018. You go girl! (Serious hat on – do not cut carbs. They are your best friend as long as they are the whole(some) kind, ie not white flour, white sugar. The less refined the better.) Best wishes for Christmas and Happy New Year.

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    1. OMG, it is! Thankfully, this baby is a cheerful baby, she loves to gurgle and laugh with people and that’s basically how she gets me to be her slave 🀣 Thanks so much for the kind words 😘

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  3. So sorry you have to stay put for the holidays, but I know you will make the best of it. I know you will figure out the best exercise program for you. I wish I had your motivation. Have fun bonding with your oldest. They will be feeling very special getting extra attention from you. Happy holidays to you and your family.

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  4. Those seem solid goals to me. And yoga (which those exercises seem to be) is awesome. I miss doing it and would like to get back to it (working on that but need to place more organized first as there currently isn’t room to practice in our tiny apartment). I find yoga to be quite peaceful.

    Maybe instead of leaving the country, you can go somewhere and play tourist so you still get a change of pace and scenery, without the international travel?

    Looking forward to hearing your good news

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    1. Thanks, K πŸ™‚ My husband said something last night about having been successful getting a room at a beach resort here in Batam. I was too sleepy but I’m sure he said something about an infinity pool 😍 Making the most of it!


  5. You have set yourself some great goals. If you fall short, remember to keep on. This is one of the most important things I’ve run into this last year. Keep on…in spite of everything.
    There is a LOT of everything out there.
    Merry Christmas wherever you might be!

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