Diamond Painting

First Diamond Painting Finish + Next Project


“Owlie” – (because I can’t think of anything more original right now πŸ˜‚) who holds the distinguished honor of being the flag-bearer for my new-found hobby [Diamond Painting] – is finished!

Here he is framed & displayed in our little grooming room:


I covered the canvass with a sheet of plastic on the suggestion of the cleaning lady. She was worried that dust might settle between the beads & wiping them would cause the beads to come lose – smart observation!

(Oh and I’m really sorry about the poor quality of these photos. It’s been cloudy/rainy lately so I’m using indoor lighting only 😭).

And because I am just “high-strung” like that, here’s my next project:

peacock DP

Drill pens up in 5! 🀩

28 thoughts on “First Diamond Painting Finish + Next Project”

    1. Thank you. Yeah I have a thing for owls & peacocks. And oh my lord, all those poor little adorable owls and peacocks that are just waiting for me to work on them! πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ

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  1. Is there a link to motherhood and creative pursuits? When I was rearing my four, i did a lot of crewel embroidery, needlepoint, decoupage, restyling and repainting of old furniture (not antiques), and art classes. Love the beauties you’ve shown on the blog.

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  2. These look like great fun!!!! Owlie is adorable- You are doing amazing work–and soon your littles will get to create with you. Home made play do in so many forms is perfect for all kinds of crafting. Weaving is a huge easy favorite (everyone needs pot holders!)
    I’m excited for you. xxoo

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    1. That would be wonderful ❀️ Right now the little one puts everything in her mouth, everything! 😬 One time I put her down and was distracted by the TV for a bit, and I didn’t know she could already crawl .. I felt something moist & warm on my toes and when I looked down it was her nibbling on them 🀣

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