Keep Calm And Ask On: A Book Review


Hello sexy people! ❤

“The world and everything in it is yours”.

“Thoughts are things, and they have the power to objectify themselves”.

Happy Monday 🙂

This month I took on the goal of reading and reviewing two books.  In this blog post I’m presenting my 1st choice, Michael Samuels’ “Keep Calm And Ask On”.

Now I’m pretty sure we’re all familiar with the Law of Attraction and might have already transcended the literature in the sense that we’re a bit jaded – I know I am sometimes. But I also know that I have received many things in my life by simply asking for them.

The book’s 5 chapters are:

1. There Will Be Wants

In this chapter the author instructs us to work calmly with our subconscious by telling it what we want. We can go as high as we want, as many as we want. But we have to ask calmly, not in a doubtful or complaining manner. We must trust that the Universe will make it happen.

We also have to very clearly define ‘why’ we want that thing, and we cannot ask for something at the expense of someone else’s happiness or safety.

I want a big house in an exclusive gated community so that my kids can play safely outside – ok.
I want a big house in an exclusive gated community so that my friends will die of jealousy – not ok.

The author encourages us to list down everything we want and to review this list frequently. As well, he recommends having a chat with our subconscious (and yes, we can even name our subconscious!) every evening before drifting off to sleep to review our wants.

This chapter also clarifies the confusion of using “I want” vs. “I am” or “I have” as some LOA books would have us do. On this the author says “You cannot think the words I have or I own and not have or own anything. It makes no sense. And you’re going to confuse the hell out of your subconscious mind”. Ergo, I want is okay for us to use.

“Dream big dreams, acquire good morals, and realize and know that you get what you ask for. Value your wants of what you want to be and cease whining, complaining and groaning about bad luck and good luck. Nourish that ideal of yours and imagine the Universe and its beauty draping over your wants”.

2. The Soundtrack of Your Life

According to the author, our environment and our state corresponds with the music we are listening to.

The author obviously likes music very much and is fond of creating soundtracks for every season – yes, one new soundtrack for every season, year in and year out. I’ve read reviews of this book on Amazon and many reviewers complain that this chapter drags on too much. And it does, but I guess the author is just really enthusiastic about music and wants to stress the point that we can use music to our advantage. For instance, if you want to cheer yourself up, then listen to upbeat music. Take a cue from movie soundtracks, however you want to feel in your life, music can facilitate.

I will not argue with this, although I don’t think I’ll be creating specific soundtracks anytime soon 🙂 But I have gotten back to listening to my favorite radio station from home (online streaming, score!) and am thinking of collecting favorite tunes for quick access, something I’ve never really cared for before.

3. Keep Calm and Ask On

This chapter encourages us to keep calm and ask on despite the presence of negative people.

“Hindrances and frustrating people are aggravating, but they are part of life. The best part about them is that they make you grow. Their negativity actually makes you awaken further. It gives you obstacles to overcome. Annoying people make you think. They make you plot ways to get around obstacles”.

Some people will try to stop you from getting what you want, but actually the only person that can stop you is you. That negative person is just there, just an obstacle to overcome. People cannot stop the Universe’s plan for what’s in store for your life.

4. Law of Laughing

“There is more to life than taking everything so seriously. You create the life you want. But if you’re going to be serious about it, you’ll be headed nowhere fast”.

This chapter encourages us to adapt a cheerful attitude towards life. I know it’s easier said than done, but why indeed should we allow ourselves to be eaten up by worries? Worry never solved anything, as a matter of fact, it robs us of the creativity and resourcefulness needed to lift us out of our funk.

The Universe responds best to positive emotions.

5. Team Universe

“Always speak in terms of advancement. Never allow yourself to feel disappointed. You may expect to have a certain thing at a certain time and not get it at that time; this will feel like a failure to you. But if you hold your trust, you will find that failure is only a stepping-stone to getting what you really want. Keep calm , and if you do not receive that thing, something so much better will fall in your lap that seeming failure was really a success in disguise”.

Our wants will come into our lives when we need them. If we don’t have them right now, then it’s not yet the right moment. We shouldn’t sulk, whine, or in any way be negative while waiting.  The Universe has our back 🙂

~ 0 ~

This was a nice, quick read.  It might not teach us anything new, but it’s straightforward and a quick grab for when we need to be reminded that we have the power to manifest our destinies.

So keep calm, and ask on. We’re on Team Universe 🙂

What was something you asked for and received?

11 thoughts on “Keep Calm And Ask On: A Book Review”

  1. The hard thing about #5 is to stay focused and not tend to think it just doesn’t work. It’s very hard to keep up after a disappointment. Seems like an interesting read – specially the thing about music, never came across that before! Thanks for the review 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy to know you found it interesting 🙂 It’s true, staying focused is a challenge sometimes. Especially if you want it NOW.

      And I’ve definitely been listening to more music recently and, I like it! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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