Wrist Love For Crocheters


cat-691175_960_720I’ve been crocheting a cardigan which has significantly increased the number of ‘swirling’ motions I do with my right wrist through the copious use of treble stitches.

Add this bag to that.

Plus my quest to improve my wheel pose (which challenges my wrists, among other body parts).

And I’m feeling something just a tad bit off in my right wrist o_O

I am reminded of an amazing crochet artist whose blog I regularly visit for inspiration. She’s been out of commission for quite some time now due to wrist issues.

So my dearest fellow hookers I thought I’d make this post all about wrist/hand care exercises because most of the time, we just take for granted how important our amazing and very hardworking hands/wrists are. And they hardly ever complain! Unless perhaps when it’s too late 😮 😮 😮

I know it’s very hard to put down those hooks and needles but we can do this! XD Here are some helpful videos, most of which can be done where we are in whatever physical state we are, fancy leggings and sexy tank tops optional:

These are under 4 mins – so no excuses! Once you know the movements you don’t even have to watch the video while doing the exercises.

This is my favorite, it’s about 15 minutes and is more extensive.

And here’s an entire series specifically for crocheters and knitters – you gotta love that! 😀 If you want to give every body part involved in crocheting/knitting a good dose of TLC then I recommend doing the entire series 😀 ❤

There! How do you like your hands/wrists now? 😀


Create happy! ❤ ❤

21 thoughts on “Wrist Love For Crocheters”

    1. Yeah, Adrienne’s funny 🙂 In fact I plan to revisit her Foundations of Yoga series again sometime soon, those were very helpful.

      I hope Fatima recovers soon too, I always loved reading her posts and learning from her experiments.

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      1. i did do her 30 day challenge and it was just so beneificial, i noticed when i dont do yoga for a while, my body will start craving it like sugar or yarn! speaking of wrist injuries, guess what i did yesterday?? no kidding got a gash in my thumb, and even went into shock!! even with dried blood on my hands, i picked up my crochet hook but i can do anything – nothing as advanced as the scale stitch. imma start having crochet withdrawls soon! lol

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      2. LOL! 😄😄 The yarn & hook are such sirens, I agree 😁 But I hope your thumb is okay. Healing vibes all the way from Indonesia 💞

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  1. Hello Paardje – these are fabulous links – thank you for sharing them! It seems we are in the same boat … I drafted a blogpost last weekend, commenting that I have occasional RSI problems, and outlining some of my tips for managing it, but I haven’t posted it yet as I need to take a suitable photo … Would it be ok for me to include a link to your post (with credits) in mine please? Thanks again for sharing! 🙂

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  2. Massaging for the neck down through shoulder, forearms and fingers as well as hot/cold contrast baths in the kitchen sink are really good to do as well.

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  3. Thanks for sharing! I recently had to take a break from crochet, although I was not very happy about that! These exercises are so important for all crochet addicts 😉

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