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What’s Your Favorite Background Music?


Notice: this post comes with background music ☺️

I’ve recently discovered Jazz/Bossa Nova a.k.a.Cafe Music and boy, what a difference it makes! I put it on every morning and it continues to play well until early afternoon-ish.

It fills the house with good, relaxing vibes. Makes me do a cha-cha step or two as I’m folding the laundry or washing the dishes. I LOVE the idea of it floating out into the street from my open balcony door. It’s unobtrusive enough to not annoy the neighbors and it masks the noise coming from a building construction just across the street.

I LUV IT!!! 🙆🙆

I used to listen to mainstream pop, but it would get distracting. Plain instrumentals, although effective at certain times, somehow wasn’t zesty enough. Chill/beach music would lull me to sleep.

I searched “happy instrumental music” on YouTube and it offered me Cafe/Jazz/Bossa Nova music and I found the purrrfect backdrop to my puttering around the house!

Score! 💃

What’s your favorite background music?

When you drive?

When you study/read/craft?

When you’re relaxing in the bathtub?

When you want to cuddle up (or get frisky 😇😇) with your partner?

When you’re about to do open heart surgery? (I’ve seen it on … was it House or Grey’s Anatomy?)


29 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Background Music?”

  1. Favorite Background Music: Anything by George Winston or Dietrich Buxtehude,
    Driving: Something along the lines of The Outlaws, Blackfoot, Triumph or The Good Rats.
    Read/Study: see background selections
    Bathtub: Sorry, I’m a guy. No music in my shower.
    Romance: Only one choice. John Klemmer’s album, “Touch”
    Surgery: I’m an undertaker, not a surgeon. I’d love to tell you Bach’s Tocatta & Fuge in D Minor, but I usually have our local “classical” station on in the background.

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    1. LOL! XD Ok so guys don’t do music in the shower – never really thought of it. And Bach’s Tocatta & Fuge … too funny XD

      Thanks a lot for sharing your musical preferences.

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  2. I listen to Contemporary Christian first thing in the morning it gives me positive vibes to start the day. At work I have several eclectic play lists and usually end up listening to my Spotify New Wave play list with The Cure, Depeche Mode, Howard Jones, Erasure and more. When I’m getting ready to go out i listen to Tone Loc or Duran Duran radio on Pandora.

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  3. I have such eclectic tastes in music 😂 I’ll listen to classical for a moment and right after to punk rock! I guess it really depends on my mood rather than what I do 😊 I do love Bossa Nova though, always makes me want to dance!

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  4. I have a playlist on Spotify made up of random songs I like. It’s currently over 16 hours long (and getting longer) I normally put that on shuffle. It’s got everything from Eminem to Disney to rock music. And I end up singing along to most of it!
    Can’t listen to music when I read for this very reason. Lol

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  5. Gotta say, I’m prett y eclectic in my music. Then I’m crafting of doing a chores I love my Lindsey Sterling radio on pandora. No words, only peppy music. If I’m really adventurous I’ll go with Mystery Skullz radio. When I drive I like: Alter Bridge, Demon Hunter, Red… Stuff I rock out to and can sing along. I also love contemporary Christian pop. When I’m writing I have a very specific playlist of songs that remind me of my characters’ personalities.

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    1. Wow. I love the fact that you’ve identified your musical preference for every task. That’s putting the power of music to good use! 😀 Thanks a lot for sharing.

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