13 thoughts on “Before You Send Someone An Ugly Message”

  1. I received one from ‘my crazy ex-girlfriend’. I did not reply. When she called, I did not answer. When she texted, I did not reply. The same for subsequent emails. She never apologized in any of them. Hence the ‘ex’.

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  2. Once I got a message like this. It was a group email and I was a part of the group, yet the text in the message was very demeaning and angry towards me. The person said I wasn’t supposed to have gotten it and they were ‘sorry’. Yuckie. I often type things and end up deleting them and never sending. Sometimes just typing them makes me feel better and not sending them makes EVERYONE feel better!

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    1. Oh no, that’s really uncomfortable & awkward. Bet the person, once she or he calmed down, felt very foolish for sending that.

      I do that too, typing just to get the emotions out and not sending the message. Or typing till my head clears up and then am able to either let go of the issue or come up with a neutral toned message. Even then some vitriol still passes through so my rule is to throw some pots and pans against the wall first in private (LOL!), compose thoughts, then say it in person. At the very least there won’t be any evidence of my temporary loss of civility XD

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  3. I love this. I recently was taught to express emotion without causing any harm. On this learning process to be assertive, someone said “rude” things directly to me and it was really upsetting which makes me more realize that you can be mad, you can be angry, but not to be an annoying-but-more-than-annoying person 😀

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